Sunday, 18 May 2014

What if women are meant to choose?

"Here comes the 21st Century."

"It's gonna be much better for a girl like me.

Coz I want everything I can.

But most of all,

I want that man." - Deborah Harry

Dear Aphrodite couldn't have put it better herself.

Deborah Harry - 'I want that man'

Truth is, even though this song strikes a chord with many women fairytales like Rapunzel and Sleeping beauty still have a greater influence.  More women wait, with differing levels of patience, for their Prince Charming to arrive. Some of us fall for the first Prince that comes along and some of us keep making the wrong choices.

Why do we wait to be chosen?  Why do we stay in marriages that stifle us?  Why do we fantasise about ex-boyfriends or seek out one night stands, hunt after men that are unavailable or avoid sex at all cost?

Let us never be quick to judge another woman, and take a moment to recognise that any woman can be any one of these personalities at any given time.

For a number of reasons staying in a marriage may be a more practical option, even if we fail to marry the perfect spouse.  When we consider marriage through the many stages of history and traditions they have been nothing more than business mergers. It made sense to seek intimacy outside of office hours.

If you're single is it ever ok to meet up with an ex?  Somehow we convince ourselves that we are in complete control, when it's highly likely the exact opposite is true.  No-one is as capable of fooling us as much as we are at fooling ourselves.

Sheryl Crow - 'Calling me when I'm lonely'

Meeting up or fantasising about an ex has some good points.  The ease at which the innuendo flows, both of you knowing what turns each other on. The build up, including pampering your body in preparation. Choosing the perfect outfit and deciding whether the lingerie should be easy access or easily removed.  Thinking about the car ride - getting off in the car together or a quickie on the bonnet are fantasies that get your juices flowing before you even meet. That first kiss, his touch, your power over him is palpable. Then the moment arrives when you separate like the sun rising from shadows, and a familiar scenario presents itself. Do you want to see him again? What if he does or doesn't call again? Was it worth it?

If the ex is off limits then what else is available?  Have you tried internet dating, or have you got what it takes to be a Tinderella?

This month Dear Aphrodite and Anthony, did an interview with Author, Comedienne and Internet sensation Susanna Brisk.
Otherwise known as Malibu Mom, she shares stories about her Tinder and other online dating experiences, her family life and the challenges of being a mother. There isn't much she hasn't tried and she's isn't afraid to share her reality.

It should come as no surprise that she managed to surprised us yet again. The resulting post  'why do women pay for sex?' is brilliant and down right dirty.

She managed to get Anthony to reveal that "outside of specific kinks, I'm not sure men specify their preferences. It seems more along the lines of "It's all good" but for women, it seems to be more about making a specific fantasy come true..." In her own unique way she coerced him to reveal a whole lot more too.

Malibu Mom speaks openly about her failings, her sexual escapades, what she fantasises about and how that makes her a better mother.  A duty she doesn't enjoy but endures because she loves her children.  

For reasons other than being Russian born, Australian bred and American dwelling, she is not a stereotypical Malibu Mom, though ironically she is authentic.  If you are having a bad day, reading her blog will take the pressure off.

Check her out in this interview with Lisa Machenburg on Hypnosis TV.  We could dedicate this entire post to her, but she tells her story better than we can on Malibu Mom

For many women it is indoctrinated to never call first, never make the first move and never express how you really feel. Few of us are brave enough to write or talk about sex the way Malibu Mom does. Worse though, is that some men believe that women should be grateful for the attention we receive from them. They feel it is their right to tell us they like our tits, and even expect to be able to feel them without permission. 

What if women were in complete control of choosing their partners? Would men behave better or tout around in high heels trying to attract our attention?

It is not beyond the realms of possibility that men should dress up or compete against each other to impress us - like most animals in the world it is the males that have spectacular colours and fight for attention.  High Heels were originally worn by men to keep their feet in the stirrups while riding horses, and as a symbol of masculinity and status.  A lot has changed since those ages.

Dear Aphrodite's movie of the month hails from the 16th century.
Dangerous Beauty  is the true story of the rise and demise of Veronica Franco, a famous courtesan, in Venice.  

Here's the the Solar Movie link to - Dangerous Beauty.  Scroll down and click on 'free download.' Ignore the pop up ads and press play.  This movie is from a woman's perspective and contains a deep knowing of lust and love.
"You, all of you...who hunger... for what I give... cannot bear to see the kind of power in a woman. You call God's greatest gift - ourselves, our yearning, our need to love - ... filth and sin and heresy... I repent that there was no other way open to me. I do not repent my life." Veronica Franco
She refuses to give into shame and guilt and chooses the life of a courtesan because it affords her access to education and wealth. It provides a better alternative than false marriage, servitude to one man and society's oppressive traditions.

The scene with Veronica and the wives of her clients highlights the insecurities and competitiveness amongst women. The same qualities that make us judge and criticise each other today.  

In Dear Aphrodite's favourite article of the month -  The Grown woman's oath -  Dr F Emeila Sam challenges us to make a pledge to release crippling judgements of ourselves and others, discover our true worth and pave the way for other women to excel rather than 'try and elbow them out of the way.' Are you able to give up comparisons with others?  What other parts of the oath did you find challenging?

If you enjoy Latin flavours and the delights of big city life let us introduce our Gentleman of the month Roberto. Roberto is charismatic and adaptable. Down to earth and sophisticated.  

Log in to our website to see Roberto's profile, and listen to his audio on the Companions page at Aphrodisiac ME. His voice is sexy and there is no doubt he knows how to make a woman feel like royalty. Logging into the website gives you access to the profiles of all our Gentleman.  Remember that discretion and privacy is guaranteed.

Like the courtesans of yesteryear Dear Aphrodite believes our companions should be celebrated and enjoyed, every woman deserves to be pampered. Some men know better than others, exactly how to indulge a fantasy.  

Hiring an escort is more than just filling an emptiness or overcoming a fear.  It has nothing to do with the guy, it's about not having to see him again or being able to choose if you want to.  It's about satisfying a need without the risk and inevitable 'dodgy dudes' that come with bar hopping and online dating. It's about experiencing another aspect of yourself.

Dear Aphrodite would love to know what you think about the movie Dangerous Beauty and what parts of the grown woman's oath you find easy or challenging.  Have you ever been guilty of persecuting or criticising another woman for having a different reality to your own?  Do you compete with other women for attention or withdraw because you don't feel worthy. Are you afraid to say or do anything for fear of offending or do you take offence easily?  

Next month we look at how we can change our frequency to change our reality. Did you know scientists have recently discovered a 'nice gene.' We'll discover how it can be affected and how even if you don't have the gene you can learn how to enjoy being naughty or nice. By releasing old doctrines and raising our frequency you can literally empower women all over the world. 

Also next month our exclusive interview on SBS's The Feed.  Yes the cat is out of the bag we sit down face to face with Patrick Abboud and discuss what Aphrodisiac ME is really all about.

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