Monday, 11 May 2015

Getting back to you. How to fall in love with yourself.

Remember when you were a teenager and being called a 'love me do' was as shameful as being labelled a slut. Now there are over 161 million web pages trying to teach people how to love themselves and 'anti slut shaming,' has become a movement. 

Carol Rossetti

Women being made to feel inferior or guilty about their femininity or sexual behaviour is becoming a thing of the past. We aren't there yet. Empowering women is a long and unfinished battle. 

Have you ever stopped yourself wearing something or doing someone thing because of what others might think? Do you ever feel judged on first impression or belittled for your preferences and behaviour?

We have all sat on both sides of this fence. Healing this paradox of mass proportion lies within a time honoured belief. In order to love others we must first learn to love ourselves.

Imagine falling in love with someone. Now think about all of the things you would naturally experience and do for them? Then apply those same principles to yourself. 

Rather than treating others how you want to be treated, try treating yourself as well as you would treat a new or potential lover.

The key to falling in love with yourself is to become interested in yourself.

Find out what makes you tick, listen to your favourite music, visit your favourite places. Discover what lies behind the image in the mirror. 

Think about your interests, passions and accomplishments.
Getting to know someone (including yourself) can be a long process. 

When we fall in love we avoid being critical, even imperfections are perfect. Learn to appreciate yourself, including your flaws. When did you stop telling yourself the truth?

Carol Rossetti

Love, like water is the strongest most powerful thing in the world - it is also the softest.

The hardest and most important part of any relationship is building trust. How do we learn to trust others, or that we wont hurt ourselves? 

One of the clues to building trust is in the language. It doesn't come overnight, it needs to be built. We trust a bit, see that it is warranted, and then trust a little bit more. 

When we learn to trust our own natural processes, we get back to ourselves and whatever is important to us will begin to fall into place.

Whether you are married, recently single or have been celibate for decades we all have access to the knowledge it takes to find ourselves again. It lies within us all - now we can even search for it on some of the millions pages other people have written about it.

Carol Rosetti

Many of the clients at Aphrodisiac Male Escorts have written testimonials addressing the positive, long and short term, benefits of getting to know themselves better by embracing their own sexuality. 

For many women starting the journey from mourning their femininity to embracing it, again or for the first time, can be overwhelming. The power of pleasure changes everything. 

Anxiety becomes exhilaration. No more hiding the truth from themselves, lies or denying desire. They feel as if they have entered the express lane to personal development.

Check out the testimonials page for some fascinating stories from several clients. Dear Aphrodite's pick of the month is

 "...I guess this service can mean different things for different women. It’s given me the confidence and desire to start living again!"

In part 2 of The Sensuality podcast below. Anthony, one of the gentleman at Aphrodisiac Male Escorts, discusses how seeing a professional and mindful escort is a stepping stone or bridge for many women towards finding themselves again. 

Lotus Kruse has written a post about the female - centric soul after she was given a caution by a close friend. In it she describes a list of experiences that have made her female-centric, and why she honours it. You can also read about how Sandra Dee from the movie Grease taught her a few lessons on how to break out of your comfort zone and empower yourself.

One of Dear Aphrodite's goals is to create a network of women that empower women. Exposure is a necessary part of networking so recently Anna and Regina broke out of their comfort zone and went to three events to introduce Aphrodisiac Male Escorts to some of Melbourne's most powerful women. 

First was a charity event for a wonderful organisation the 
McAuley Community Services for Women. We heard first hand accounts from women who have survived domestic violence. We've heard many similar stories from our own clients.

Carol Rossetti

The Bayside Business in heels event showed that a male escort service exclusive to women will be well received by women from all walks of life. Anna and Regina were amazed at how many women were excited and supportive of Aphrodisiac Male Escorts.  

The speed-dating style introductions were super cool. Anna and Regina were inundated with questions and connections. Some of the women were asking for more than one card. 

Even if we don't personally need a push to embrace our own power, it seems many of us know a woman that does.

Carol Rossetti

Finally we were thrilled to meet and hear Lisa Messenger, founder and editor-in-chief of Collective Hub, speaking at the Melbourne Business in Heels event. 

In a world of "gonna's" Lisa Messenger is a doer and we are completely head over heels in awe of her. She is a power house and has a score of impressive achievements that consistently challenge the status quo. A woman that is leading the battle of empowerment. We hope to feature an article with her in the coming months.

This months feature companion Erica has also bought forth a burst of new ideas. Dear Aphrodite is dreaming of world where all men are the type of lovers that would be hired by Aphrodisiac Male Escorts. Erica would be the woman to teach them.

Carol Rossetti

Erica is a confident, experienced and playful temptress. If you're wanting to explore more freedom or are feeling unsatisfied in your relationship she can heighten your sexual experiences. 

She is available for women and couples alike. She will make first timers feel at ease, and though she may leave you wanting for more she will satisfy all of your needs.

All of the images on this months post are by the graphic designer Carol Rosetti. Carol's album title WOMEN - in English "as both a reminder and affirmation of women's bodily autonomy." Connect with Carol on her on facebook page.

Part of the journey of getting back to you includes being in touch with your body. Carols artwork is based on her own and other women's real life experiences. 

Carol Rossetti

If you are looking for a laugh this month, check out Liz Miele's comedy sketch retaliating to jokes about sexual positions that degrade women or mess up her hair. She has three new sex position jokes for women. Whats your favourite? Dear Aphrodite loves all three.

Check out Lisa Miele's full 8 minute gig here.

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Next month we are going to follow on with the journey of self love, and try and get women talking about the kind of lovers they really want, and how to get them. 

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