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Ridicule, opposition and then acceptance. Why escorts are heroes.

This month Dear Aphrodite faced another challenge in the world of understanding and acceptance in providing a high quality male escort service.

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This time the misconception came from somebody that at first appeared to be in support of the core beliefs at Aphrodisiac Male Escorts. In her article Male Escorts and Female Sexuality, Clarissa Sebag- Montefiore explores the differences between male and female sexuality and how that plays out in society.  Dear Aphrodite is pleased that comprehensive articles like this are being written and that the dialogue continues. Clarissa however, was mistaken in her assumptions about Aphrodisiac ME. She insinuated that a lack of images on the Aphrodisiac Male Escort website perpetuated the myth that women only want to see escorts for companionship and men are more visual/physical in their need to have their desires met. She continued with the notion that male escorts are considered heroes and the females that hire them only want emotional fulfilment. Many people do ask why the Aphrodisiac ME Website doesn't contain images of any of the gentlemen. The answer is simple. It protects their privacy, which in turn protects the privacy and discretion of the clients. Because sadly, stereotypes and judgements still do exist for both genders.

While the article was correct in pointing out that there is a high level of complexity involved in the sex industry for both genders, her conclusions about Aphrodisiac ME fell way short of the reality. Without any doubt, Dear Aphrodite knows that many of the women who hire the services of high end male escorts are in it purely for the pleasure. We encourage and promote it, though it is also true that we promote our companions as heroes. Equally, if we ever branch out to include female escorts they will share the same pedestal as our glorious fellows do. 

Dear Aphrodite has said it once and will continue to shout from the rooftops, we are all different with different needs and Aphrodisiac Male Escorts can cater to some of those needs. There is no secret to how rigorous the recruiting process is, but they are also very discerning about their clientele. Don't bother ringing them for an appointment after your shots of tequila have already slammed you... wait until the next morning and plan your next weeks activities with a clearer foresight. 

If you only reveal your true desires after a bucket full of tequila perhaps you are suffering from Strong Independent Woman Syndrome...?  Heaven forbid you come across as needy, right? Check out Becca Tilley's insightful article on how to be strong and independent and embrace all that you need.  

In a move that showed a lot of foresight, Karl Stefanovic, of Chanel 9's Today show, highlighted of the huge differences between men and women. For an entire year he wore the same cheap navy blue imitation suit every single day. He discovered that "No one has noticed; no one gives a shit." His female co-presenters don't share the same luxury of non-judgement. Would you feel more comfortable telling your male or female friends that you hired the services of a professional escort? Generally as a group women tend to openly tear each other down, judge, criticise and condemn. We do it to each other. We allow it to happen and we buy into it.  

In further exciting news from Chanel 9 this month Aphrodisiac ME connected with the show's resident psychologist Sandy Rea. This led to a Radio interview on Melbourne's 3MP with her and Glenn Ridge. The interview was a huge success and again highlighted the need for more open discussions about female sexuality and the pursuit of female pleasure. We hope to include Sandy in out network of support and services for women. The interview was very positive and discussed how women have come a long way in knowing what they want and how they want to make better choices for themselves. Click on the orange and white play button to hear it from the start.

Aside from convenience women are looking for a professional/ excellent lover, pleasure, healing and/or satisfaction. 

Dear Aphrodite's favourite line is "women don't really have an issue with paying for sex, they pay for it one way or another." 

Aphrodisiac Male Escorts wants to remove taboos by encouraging dialogue surrounding a woman's right to pursue pleasure. Men have had plenty of choices for centuries. In current society's views women become invisible after a certain age (or garment size,) if we don't pursue our own needs, who will? 

If we go by the latest statistics in the Australian study of health and relationships - conducted every ten years - it seems that more of us know what we want, but we are getting it less often. Statistics also show that we are more liberal, permissive and emotionally satisfied. People are becoming more monogamous, and averaging sex once per week - though we would prefer it to be three or four times per week instead.

Sex and relationship expert Cyndi Darnell says "technology means people have access to more information. We are exposed to new ways of engaging in intimacy, and that gives us a broader understanding of what sexuality is." On the flip side, technology and the glorification of 'busy-ness' can distract us from being more intimate. "If you want more sex you need to make it a priority."

Meryl Streep says it best this month.  This latest meme offers sound advice on how to make what you want a priority and how to declutter your life everything that no longer brings you joy.

This month Dear Aphrodite blog is pleased to share her own testimonial, it's usually only the gentleman that get all the attention 'round here. 
"Your  blog is extremely enjoyable, thoughtful and poses much food for thought. Much of it resonates with me and I have been led on several very interesting tangents as a result of it.  It really adds authenticity to your self professed rationale for doing what you do.  I particularly enjoy the links to interviews, videos and other pieces of related news. - Your post re: the Pantene Video (why do women apologise so much) was a great way of illustrating an extremely valid point. Keep up the good work! Thanks" 

It's testimonials like that which make it easier to stay focused so thank you Anonymous. There is comment section below if you want to rate the page or let us know what's on your mind.  For more testimonials about the companions at Aphrodisiac ME check out the website. While you're there you can register and listen to their audio presentations and read a brief description of whoever takes your fancy.  

If you are having trouble deciding who to start with, our gentleman of the month is sure to bring some joie de vivre into your life.

No need to visit the Eiffel Tower to feel a little French. Luca has the three C's covered, he is a great Conversationalist, he can Cook, and can Cater to your carnal cravings. He is a perfect example of why French men consider sex to be their national sport... that's a whole lot better than rugby and it's definitely not cricket!

The Aphrodisiac website also has plenty to offer if you plan to stay alone this weekend, including a great range of products by LELO

Here in Melbourne this month the weather has varied from violent thunderstorms, heaters on in the morning and air-conditioners on in the afternoon - lots of rain - and sunshine and blissfull breezes. 

More mood-full than moody.

In Scandinavia they say there is no such thing as bad weather just the wrong choice of clothing.  

In the lead up to Summer here 'Down under' - Dear Aphrodite wishes you good clothing choices - which also includes feeling comfortable in your own skin.  Check out 2014's The expose project. Part 1 and 2 are filled with images of 100 women and what their bodies really look like. "So much of the female body that we see is pushed up. Pinned down, sucked in, tucked in and airbrushed. It's only presentable state is when it's altered." 

Their aim is to make the typical female body become more exposed by uncovering it. No matter what shape your body is it isn't wrong. Scan the images and see if you can find a woman with a similar shape to your own - How does she make you feel? Dear Aphrodite hopes you can see her beauty, as well as your own.

Next month Dear Aphrodite hopes to bring you another interview with one of the Aphrodisiac ME clients. Find out how she deals with telling her loved ones and how seeing an escort has become an important part of her life.

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