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Ridicule, opposition and then acceptance. Why escorts are heroes.

This month Dear Aphrodite faced another challenge in the world of understanding and acceptance in providing a high quality male escort service.

Quote by Arthur Schopenhauer - Image courtesy of
This time the misconception came from somebody that at first appeared to be in support of the core beliefs at Aphrodisiac Male Escorts. In her article Male Escorts and Female Sexuality, Clarissa Sebag- Montefiore explores the differences between male and female sexuality and how that plays out in society.  Dear Aphrodite is pleased that comprehensive articles like this are being written and that the dialogue continues. Clarissa however, was mistaken in her assumptions about Aphrodisiac ME. She insinuated that a lack of images on the Aphrodisiac Male Escort website perpetuated the myth that women only want to see escorts for companionship and men are more visual/physical in their need to have their desires met. She continued with the notion that male escorts are considered heroes and the females that hire them only want emotional fulfilment. Many people do ask why the Aphrodisiac ME Website doesn't contain images of any of the gentlemen. The answer is simple. It protects their privacy, which in turn protects the privacy and discretion of the clients. Because sadly, stereotypes and judgements still do exist for both genders.

While the article was correct in pointing out that there is a high level of complexity involved in the sex industry for both genders, her conclusions about Aphrodisiac ME fell way short of the reality. Without any doubt, Dear Aphrodite knows that many of the women who hire the services of high end male escorts are in it purely for the pleasure. We encourage and promote it, though it is also true that we promote our companions as heroes. Equally, if we ever branch out to include female escorts they will share the same pedestal as our glorious fellows do. 

Dear Aphrodite has said it once and will continue to shout from the rooftops, we are all different with different needs and Aphrodisiac Male Escorts can cater to some of those needs. There is no secret to how rigorous the recruiting process is, but they are also very discerning about their clientele. Don't bother ringing them for an appointment after your shots of tequila have already slammed you... wait until the next morning and plan your next weeks activities with a clearer foresight. 

If you only reveal your true desires after a bucket full of tequila perhaps you are suffering from Strong Independent Woman Syndrome...?  Heaven forbid you come across as needy, right? Check out Becca Tilley's insightful article on how to be strong and independent and embrace all that you need.  

In a move that showed a lot of foresight, Karl Stefanovic, of Chanel 9's Today show, highlighted of the huge differences between men and women. For an entire year he wore the same cheap navy blue imitation suit every single day. He discovered that "No one has noticed; no one gives a shit." His female co-presenters don't share the same luxury of non-judgement. Would you feel more comfortable telling your male or female friends that you hired the services of a professional escort? Generally as a group women tend to openly tear each other down, judge, criticise and condemn. We do it to each other. We allow it to happen and we buy into it.  

In further exciting news from Chanel 9 this month Aphrodisiac ME connected with the show's resident psychologist Sandy Rea. This led to a Radio interview on Melbourne's 3MP with her and Glenn Ridge. The interview was a huge success and again highlighted the need for more open discussions about female sexuality and the pursuit of female pleasure. We hope to include Sandy in out network of support and services for women. The interview was very positive and discussed how women have come a long way in knowing what they want and how they want to make better choices for themselves. Click on the orange and white play button to hear it from the start.

Aside from convenience women are looking for a professional/ excellent lover, pleasure, healing and/or satisfaction. 

Dear Aphrodite's favourite line is "women don't really have an issue with paying for sex, they pay for it one way or another." 

Aphrodisiac Male Escorts wants to remove taboos by encouraging dialogue surrounding a woman's right to pursue pleasure. Men have had plenty of choices for centuries. In current society's views women become invisible after a certain age (or garment size,) if we don't pursue our own needs, who will? 

If we go by the latest statistics in the Australian study of health and relationships - conducted every ten years - it seems that more of us know what we want, but we are getting it less often. Statistics also show that we are more liberal, permissive and emotionally satisfied. People are becoming more monogamous, and averaging sex once per week - though we would prefer it to be three or four times per week instead.

Sex and relationship expert Cyndi Darnell says "technology means people have access to more information. We are exposed to new ways of engaging in intimacy, and that gives us a broader understanding of what sexuality is." On the flip side, technology and the glorification of 'busy-ness' can distract us from being more intimate. "If you want more sex you need to make it a priority."

Meryl Streep says it best this month.  This latest meme offers sound advice on how to make what you want a priority and how to declutter your life everything that no longer brings you joy.

This month Dear Aphrodite blog is pleased to share her own testimonial, it's usually only the gentleman that get all the attention 'round here. 
"Your  blog is extremely enjoyable, thoughtful and poses much food for thought. Much of it resonates with me and I have been led on several very interesting tangents as a result of it.  It really adds authenticity to your self professed rationale for doing what you do.  I particularly enjoy the links to interviews, videos and other pieces of related news. - Your post re: the Pantene Video (why do women apologise so much) was a great way of illustrating an extremely valid point. Keep up the good work! Thanks" 

It's testimonials like that which make it easier to stay focused so thank you Anonymous. There is comment section below if you want to rate the page or let us know what's on your mind.  For more testimonials about the companions at Aphrodisiac ME check out the website. While you're there you can register and listen to their audio presentations and read a brief description of whoever takes your fancy.  

If you are having trouble deciding who to start with, our gentleman of the month is sure to bring some joie de vivre into your life.

No need to visit the Eiffel Tower to feel a little French. Luca has the three C's covered, he is a great Conversationalist, he can Cook, and can Cater to your carnal cravings. He is a perfect example of why French men consider sex to be their national sport... that's a whole lot better than rugby and it's definitely not cricket!

The Aphrodisiac website also has plenty to offer if you plan to stay alone this weekend, including a great range of products by LELO

Here in Melbourne this month the weather has varied from violent thunderstorms, heaters on in the morning and air-conditioners on in the afternoon - lots of rain - and sunshine and blissfull breezes. 

More mood-full than moody.

In Scandinavia they say there is no such thing as bad weather just the wrong choice of clothing.  

In the lead up to Summer here 'Down under' - Dear Aphrodite wishes you good clothing choices - which also includes feeling comfortable in your own skin.  Check out 2014's The expose project. Part 1 and 2 are filled with images of 100 women and what their bodies really look like. "So much of the female body that we see is pushed up. Pinned down, sucked in, tucked in and airbrushed. It's only presentable state is when it's altered." 

Their aim is to make the typical female body become more exposed by uncovering it. No matter what shape your body is it isn't wrong. Scan the images and see if you can find a woman with a similar shape to your own - How does she make you feel? Dear Aphrodite hopes you can see her beauty, as well as your own.

Next month Dear Aphrodite hopes to bring you another interview with one of the Aphrodisiac ME clients. Find out how she deals with telling her loved ones and how seeing an escort has become an important part of her life.

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Different strokes for different folks.

Put up the decorations. Blow out the candles. Aphrodisiac Male Escorts has just turned two years old and Dear Aphrodite wants to celebrate by sending you to your own private fantasy island.

The goal is to take out all of the hard work, to honour our differences, and allow you to explore the road maps of your untapped potential. 

Welcome to 'Fantasy Island.' 

Role playing and fantasy sharing can be a an important tool in self discovery. What better way to explore avenues of yourself, that may be considered taboo or socially unacceptable, than to be in a safe environment, with a highly skilled and attractive lover who has all the right credentials?

Over the last twelve months we have noted a few common themes amongst our clients. Here's what we know. Firstly, some of you are very nervous and not sure of what you want. Secondly, thirdly and ...tenthly, some of you know exactly what you want, how you want it and what stroke works best for you, and in what particular order.

What's your favourite stroke?

I'm strokin'

We're not talking freestyle, backstroke or butterfly here. - Well.... unless one of them is a new fantasy that you're considering performing together with another consenting adult. If so, maybe we'll add it to the list.

Inspired by you and for you. Aphrodisiac Male Escorts invites you to our very own Fantasy Island. A list of 14 Fantasy Packages that are designed to please any and every woman, and promises to be a lot of fun.

Dear Aphrodite likes to think of the Fantasy Island list as a cocktail menu. All the drinks contain alcohol and mixers, but that's where similarities end. You can choose your favourite combination, or try something new. Add or remove some ingredients, adjust the flavour, change the volume, shake it up or stir it. Ultimately you are the one who has to drink it. It's your fantasy cocktail, the choice is yours. And you are allowed more than one, maybe you'll want to sample the whole menu.

Judgement and stereotypes stop many woman from fully embracing their own sexuality. In her recent article Bobbie Morgan explains why 'it's time women came out of the boudoir'.  It starts with the people who want to stop women having sex without consequence, then raises awareness of female pleasure, and ends with no less than how female sexual pleasures will make the world a happier place.

Fantasy Island is designed to help you find your pleasure spot. Here's a brief list of all 14 Fantasies, go to the website, click on Services, Rates then Fantasy Island, for more detailed information on each one.

1. Crossing the Line - More than a massage. Most popular fantasy so far. 

2. Sexy Strangers. - Be whoever you want to be

3. 50 Shades of You.  Here's some kinky tips for first timers

4. Fine Dining

5. Bossy Boots - Unleash your inner dominatrix.

6. Tradesman - Mr fix it... 

7. Personal Trainer - You'll beg for more after this workout.

8. Men in uniform- An officer, a public servant or perhaps a gentleman.

9. Ravish Me - take me, anyway you want me...

10. Wild Woman - Purrrfect for the frisky feline.

11. Bathroom Sex – Hot and steamy.

12. Curious Kink - Where little secrets come out to play.

13. Ménage à trios – 20% of all women have had a threesome.

14. Downward Doggy – 'Tantra-lising'... very hot yoga. 

How is it, that while some of these may seem utterly sexy to one woman they can also be entirely unappealing to another?  The simple answer is different strokes for different folks.  

If you are having a hard time deciding which of the 14 Fantasies you might want to get started by taking a deeper look at yourself.  We wear our images like jewellery. Whether you are a 'femme fatale,' or the 'girl next door' we all have potential to be and feel sexy. Fashions change, moods change, feelings change.  

Kevin Macku has written an in depth article on the The five feminine sexual archetypes.  He bases all five archetypes on planets we can see without a telescope. Saturn is the enigma, Venus starts literature and wars. Mercury will sacrifice her love to see her partner happy. Mars is the mighty competitor and Jupiter represents practical women who will steal his clothes and music.  

Regardless of which archetype we are naturally aligned to or currently resonating with, they are incomplete pictures - much like daily star signs will never give the full story, but the right words at the right time can help empower us to take a step in the right direction.  

“What’s his type? Wilting flower? Bright and bubbly? Or smoldering temptress?”
~ Satine, Moulin Rouge!

If balance is what we strive for, we must also understand that with every high comes a low. It is with this in mind that Dear Aphrodite also wants to share the truth about sex positive encounters. After the incredible rush there can be a emptiness that can leave us feeling let-down. If something can propel you forward there will also be resistance - which can in fact be a positive in itself - much like gravity keeps your feet on the ground. Fortunately 'man' has come up with many different ways to reach the outer limits and fly high, wherever we want to.  

London Faerie writes of the importance of taking care of yourself at sex-positive events in Self care in sex-positive spaces.  He discusses key points like comfort zones, boundaries, instinct, authenticity, not being afraid to ask for help and after-care.

The key to aftercare is to acknowledge, anticipate and expect changes to occur. It can be hard to put layers back on when we have enjoyed stripping them all away. Just because we reach the highest peak it doesn't mean the journey is over. The trip down can also be savoured, which leads to future highs being even more enjoyable.

We all have our prime.  Life isn't over just because we begin the march down-hill (or no longer fit into our skinny jeans or favourite dresses.) The comedown can also be filled with joy. 

Mamma Mia featured an Expose Project on 100 real women and how we rarely see the complex parts of ourselves that make us unique and beautiful. Your curves, wrinkles, scars, and wobbly bits are just as sexy as any one of the 100 women who were brave enough to display their assets for the expose. 

This month our featured companion is Marcus. - Register or log into the website to learn more about our gorgeous companion from the Bahamas. With or without a fantasy package, this islander is one gentleman you will love to be stranded all alone with.   

Next month we bring you a one-on-one interview with one of our gentleman, and dish out some advice to single ladies, who aren't interested in whether or not 'he puts a ring on it'. 

In the meantime 
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Saturday, 23 August 2014

This is your fantasy.

The key was under the mat. Just as she'd planned, Blake let himself in. Her instructions were clear. He called out her name and followed her voice to the bathroom. She had never done this before but she didn't want it to feel like the first time. He opened the door and smiled.  He was so unexpectedly exotic she gasped. Suddenly nervous, she had to remind herself to stick to the plan, just as he was doing. As she reached for the conditioner he removed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt.

He sat down on the stool she had left beside the bathtub and gently took the bottle from her hands. He asked her how her day was as he squirted too much conditioner into his palm. Words escaped her she sighed as he applied the conditioner to her hair. He slowly massaged the conditioner deep into her scalp. His hands descended down the back of her neck and across her shoulders. He cupped her chin in his hands, looked her in the eyes and kissed her lips as if they were rose petals. Long after he leaned back the kiss lingered and she longed for more.  He glided his hands down her arms and guided her hands up over her own breasts. She closed her eyes. As though they'd rehearsed the scene a thousand times he slid his hands down to her waist. One hand continued across her stomach and gently over her thigh.

When he reached her knees he used both hands to spread them apart.  He started massaging his way down her inner thighs and when his fingers gently teased her lips apart the real fantasy began. From this point he was free to do as he pleased... to please her. No introductions necessary.

Do you have a fantasy in mind. Does it involve a male escort like our adventurous woman above? Dear Aphrodite has read and heard about a few dating disasters over the years.  Women like Rosie Waterland shared her experience with online dating recently. At 28 years of age she went on her first date. We admire her ability to share her story, but pity her experience. Sadly dating disasters are not easy to forget. The price could have been a less if she had hired someone like Blake, even if it did cost few more dollars.  

Log in or register at Aphrodisiac Me to check out Blake's profile if you want to let him be your fantasy. Have you had a dating disaster you want to share with us? Even if hiring an escort isn't one of her fantasies Dear Aphrodite thinks Rosie might have been better off spending the night on her own. Dear Aphrodite would have preferred to read about the great experience she had with one of her sex toys, than know about her unsatisfying sex, because not having sex would have been more awkward.  (If that is enen possible.)

Check out the range of satisfaction options available at Aphrodisiac ME

Why do we expect so much from ourselves but not nearly as much from the men we meet. If we don't honour ourselves how can we expect to fulfil our fantasies and satisfy our souls? Many of us prefer to be alone than admit we like someone and run the risk of them not liking us back.  How many of you are guilty of assessing your self worth based on whether or not someone you hardly know has responded to your texts, or how they view you and treat you. Why are we so quick to make excuses for potential companions and blame ourselves if it doesn't work out the way we were hoping?

In an article featured on Elephant Journal this month we learn 10 things every woman should know - Dear Aphrodite subscribes to number 5 but number 9 identifies just how often women belittle themselves.  

One of the ways we can combat this problem is presented in a brilliant advertisement by Pantene. The issue of women over apologising has been bought to light. We are in no way sponsored by or promoting Pantene - we just think their ad rocks.

No matter how turned off we are, or become at times, we all crave intimacy.  Dear Aphrodite believes it's the times you insist you don't need it, can't be bothered or aren't at all interested that you probably need it most.

We are masters of contradicting ourselves. Shirley Zussman is 100 years old and is still practicing as a sex therapist. In her recent interview with Time she explained the biggest change she has witnessed in her lengthy career (100 years old and still practicing) is lack of intimacy. People are too busy and not taking the timw to connect with each other.  

In her article Soul fucking Debra Faith Warshaw explores the importance of connecting deeply with another person. Dear Aphrodite knows many of you fantasise about this.  Like tantric sex she explains 
"An interesting thing about this spiritual practice is that it doesn't necessarily have to be with a long-term committed soul mate (although that is a bonus.) We might very well experience it with an enlightened partner that visits us briefly in our life, opens us up in brand new ways and then leaves; another type of soul mate if you will"
The feedback from our intelligent accomplished, discerning clients is that they know their limitations. They embrace hiring an escort as a tool to better themselves. They are not deluding themselves, they go in with eyes wide open. Our gentlemen are facilitators  - whether it's straight sex or nurturing they are experienced in opening up women to new experiences.  

Make no mistakes about it - Sexual energy is the most powerful energy of all, it is quite literally the essence of our being and it is healing. We all know it only works if it is done right. Fortunately there is no one right way of doing it. Not everybody wants a relationship, some people just need a release. Sometimes connecting with another person helps you connect with yourself. It doesn't mean it is meaningless or disconnected it can be the key to a deeper connection with yourself... or an aspect of yourself. Women don't do this light heatedly.

If you want further evidence of the satisfaction of women who have chosen to do what feels right for them check out the 
Testimonials page on Aphrodisiac ME. Dear Aphrodite has too many favourites to choose from but this excerpt strikes a chord on so many levels 
"... I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you and what a pleasure it’s been speaking to you. The service you and Regina have created has helped me in so many ways. I know I don’t have anything else to compare it to but it doesn’t take a genius to realise that your establishment compares to no other..."
In other news this month Anna and Regina were interviewed by Laine Chait on Booty Call airwaves radio. Also check out last months blog Two unlikely madams if you want to see the recent television interviews on both Studio 10 and SBS.

Also, our first monthly newsletter was sent out on June 25th and thankfully it was a huge success. So many of you took the initiative and started to live out your fantasies, we appreciate your support and feedback. If you haven't signed up for the monthly newsletter, send us an email or register directly through the website.  We run competitions, and remind you when the next blog has been posted and inspire you to be your very best.

Dear Aphrodite has decided to skip movie of the month, instead we celebrate "Sex, Women and TV, 21 shows that changed the way we see female desire"  This article takes us on a journey from the modern wonders of 'Orange is the new black' and 'Masters of Sex'  to the unforgettable 'I love Lucy,' 'Golden Girls' and all our favourites in between.

Masters and Johnson gave permission to women to explore their sexuality through touch, masturbation and experimenting. In keeping with the theme that knowledge is power the following video explains 20 misconceptions about sex. 

Next month we are tackling body image... Would you feel better about yourself if you saw more images of real women? We also discuss female archetypes and the power of orgasms. 

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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Meet the two most unlikely madams.

Drum roll please....

And now ladies and gentlemen, no more pseudonyms or false perceptions. Introducing, for the first time on national television, the real faces behind the real names of the creators of Aphrodisiac ME.

Interviewed by both The feed on SBS and Channel 10's Studio 10, meet Anna and Regina as they shed some light on their story. The reaction was to be expected.  

These two women and the nature of their business is not at all what people expected. 

"Boxes are for trinkets not people."

Anna and Regina look like normal women because they are normal women. Albeit two women that recognised a gap in a market, that is usually considered shameful, and took action to make a change. 

Women have had access to escorts in the past but Aphrodisiac ME is the first to cater exclusively to women. Anna and Regina understand that women need to take their time, research, digest, put their feelers out, feel safe and really think about what they want or need. The heart of their mission is to empower both themselves and other women. 

The first interview on SBS (The Feed) starts off with an independent escort not associated with Aphrodisiac ME. The companions at Aphrodisiac ME are hired based on emotional maturity, life experience and they must absolutely love their job. You can skip the intro and meet Regina and Anna at the 1:25 mark.  

Did you have preconceived ideas of what a madam should look or behave like? Are Anna and Regina what you expected to see? Would you feel comfortable discussing your wants and needs with them? Would you trust them to find the right man for the job?

In May an empowering women's movement became a worldwide trend. After a particularly misogynistic attack in the USA, twitter responded in a big way with #yesallwomen. Women all over the world decided now was the time their collective voice needed to be heard and the power of twitter activism took over. Another hashtag #eacheverywoman was created to combat threats made to the originator. Both hashtags are still active. The conversation has started and is continuing. 

Do you think a hashtag can change the way the world thinks?  The women's movement has been going strong for about 60 years now. It will take at least 100 years,  possibly another 1000 years, for women to be truly treated as equals. #yesallwomen was a world wide power surge.  Dear Aphrodite is expecting many more in the coming future. 

The article Why I give a damn about #yesallwomen has a great overview of the importance of women speaking out and shares a few interesting tweets.  Dear Aphrodite loved this one... 
@awdubreuil - "Started reading the #yesallwomen tweets b/c I've got a daughter, but now I see I should be reading them b/c I've got two sons"
Surprisingly a large amount of men responded that they had no idea of the level of threat and attacks directed towards women. 

Women are so easy to attack because globally and generally speaking, we have been raised to live in guilt and shame. In Shrugging off a lifetime of shame, we learn of one woman's journey to change her beliefs and not repeat the same old patterns. 

Many women don't know how to protect themselves anymore. How many times have you stopped yourself from telling someone off, for their inappropriate behaviour, just because you don't want to hurt their feelings or because you risk being humiliated if they deny it?

Dear Aphrodite knows that if you can feel a man touching you, he absolutely knows he is touching you too. Don't be afraid to let him know how it makes you feel, whether he likes it or not. 

In honour of her death, our quote of the month comes from Maya Angelou, a shining beacon of truth and guidance.
"Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all women"  
Maya Angelou died peacefully in her sleep, aged 86.  Though she had a fulfilling and productive life, her death for many was hard to take. Most famous for her literature and possibly her appearances on Oprah, her true calling was teacher. 

Her authenticity meant that she couldn't keep secrets. Opening up about her life allowed her to connect to people. Her voice helped free her from the box she was put in, which helped free millions of women all around the world.

For a glimpse into some of her lessons and wisdom take a look at "Everything i need to know I learned from Maya Angelou." 

Did you know she wrote cook books and was also a sex worker?  A lot of people think it is shameful, as a result media has largely erased the evidence of her sex work history, some of her poems have even been edited in certain publications but she never kept it a secret. Her most valuable lesson was possibly, that which you admire most in other people you too can become.  

Another pioneer of education and freedom from sexual repression celebrated her birthday on June 5th. Dr Ruth Westheimer isn't what you would expect if judging from first appearances either. Happy Birthday Dr Ruth. 

It is not true that men are more sexual than women. There have been times when it was known and accepted that women wanted sex more than men. Society's perception of sexuality changes all the time, whether we are driven by our sexuality or passionless is an opinion created by man for the benefit of man.  This perception of women as passionless is relatively new.  In the 1600's a man was shunned from his church for depriving his wife of sex. Ancient texts record men achieve one tenth of the pleasure women receive from sex.

If women were a type of food we'd be eggs. We come in all shapes and sizes and are capable of reproduction. If you know how to handle them they are capable of almost anything. Eggs can be boiled, fried, poached, scrambled, light and fluffy, thick and solid and the base of an infinite number of sweet and savoury recipes or perfect just on their own. From beaten omelettes to sweet little muffins, if you can't find an egg recipe you like then you just don't like eggs.  If you don't take care and break one they make an awful mess.  

If your aiming to be a little less scrambled and a bit more stable, Christie Maree Sheldon explains her techniques for releasing old patterns, finding bliss and changing your frequency. At around seven minutes and thirty seconds she describes the frequency scale.

Follow along as she shares how to tap into source energy and change your frequency at around the 25 minute mark.  What frequency do you operate on? We're aiming for joy.

On the subject of joy, Dear Aphrodite's movie of the month is 'Fading Gigolo'.  Vanessa Paradiso steals the show with her portrayal of Orthodox Jewish Avigal, and her encounters with a middle aged gigolo. A charming film with interesting insights and a few good laughs. It's a new movie out now. 

It's not just religious women, older women enjoy sex too. A lot of younger guys even enjoy having sex with them. Dear Aphrodite knows you shouldn't waste time with amateurs, unless your training them to be experts.  

In  an open letter to men, Kelly Marceau describes what a sexy consciously awake women wants, and tips to finding your equal. It's easy to miss the real person if you don't ask the right questions.

If you just want to be Princess for a day, Dear Aphrodite knows exactly where to find you some Princes.

The companions at Aphrodisiac ME are more than just your proverbial Princes. Dear Aphrodite's gentleman of the month rises well above royalty. Adam's smile will melt your heart and he has the kindness and confidence to go with it. He is rugged and a great conversationalist. Login or register at Aphrodisiac ME to see his full profile.  

Ever wondered what you would pay one of our companions to do for you? In Bern Morley's article Oh the things I'd pay a hot man to do, she includes rubbing her feet and reading her a bedtime story. Have you got any other ideas?

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Next month we have some advice for single ladies and then we ask the big question, if we aren't in it for procreation why do women need to have sex. In the meantime take a look around the website, you only have to log in or register to access all areas, but there are plenty of other interesting things to discover. Pick up the phone and ring or email if you have questions. 

How long did it take you to realise that you are a
'phenomenal woman?' (RIP Maya Angelou 2014)

Sunday, 18 May 2014

What if women are meant to choose?

"Here comes the 21st Century."

"It's gonna be much better for a girl like me.

Coz I want everything I can.

But most of all,

I want that man." - Deborah Harry

Dear Aphrodite couldn't have put it better herself.

Deborah Harry - 'I want that man'

Truth is, even though this song strikes a chord with many women fairytales like Rapunzel and Sleeping beauty still have a greater influence.  More women wait, with differing levels of patience, for their Prince Charming to arrive. Some of us fall for the first Prince that comes along and some of us keep making the wrong choices.

Why do we wait to be chosen?  Why do we stay in marriages that stifle us?  Why do we fantasise about ex-boyfriends or seek out one night stands, hunt after men that are unavailable or avoid sex at all cost?

Let us never be quick to judge another woman, and take a moment to recognise that any woman can be any one of these personalities at any given time.

For a number of reasons staying in a marriage may be a more practical option, even if we fail to marry the perfect spouse.  When we consider marriage through the many stages of history and traditions they have been nothing more than business mergers. It made sense to seek intimacy outside of office hours.

If you're single is it ever ok to meet up with an ex?  Somehow we convince ourselves that we are in complete control, when it's highly likely the exact opposite is true.  No-one is as capable of fooling us as much as we are at fooling ourselves.

Sheryl Crow - 'Calling me when I'm lonely'

Meeting up or fantasising about an ex has some good points.  The ease at which the innuendo flows, both of you knowing what turns each other on. The build up, including pampering your body in preparation. Choosing the perfect outfit and deciding whether the lingerie should be easy access or easily removed.  Thinking about the car ride - getting off in the car together or a quickie on the bonnet are fantasies that get your juices flowing before you even meet. That first kiss, his touch, your power over him is palpable. Then the moment arrives when you separate like the sun rising from shadows, and a familiar scenario presents itself. Do you want to see him again? What if he does or doesn't call again? Was it worth it?

If the ex is off limits then what else is available?  Have you tried internet dating, or have you got what it takes to be a Tinderella?

This month Dear Aphrodite and Anthony, did an interview with Author, Comedienne and Internet sensation Susanna Brisk.
Otherwise known as Malibu Mom, she shares stories about her Tinder and other online dating experiences, her family life and the challenges of being a mother. There isn't much she hasn't tried and she's isn't afraid to share her reality.

It should come as no surprise that she managed to surprised us yet again. The resulting post  'why do women pay for sex?' is brilliant and down right dirty.

She managed to get Anthony to reveal that "outside of specific kinks, I'm not sure men specify their preferences. It seems more along the lines of "It's all good" but for women, it seems to be more about making a specific fantasy come true..." In her own unique way she coerced him to reveal a whole lot more too.

Malibu Mom speaks openly about her failings, her sexual escapades, what she fantasises about and how that makes her a better mother.  A duty she doesn't enjoy but endures because she loves her children.  

For reasons other than being Russian born, Australian bred and American dwelling, she is not a stereotypical Malibu Mom, though ironically she is authentic.  If you are having a bad day, reading her blog will take the pressure off.

Check her out in this interview with Lisa Machenburg on Hypnosis TV.  We could dedicate this entire post to her, but she tells her story better than we can on Malibu Mom

For many women it is indoctrinated to never call first, never make the first move and never express how you really feel. Few of us are brave enough to write or talk about sex the way Malibu Mom does. Worse though, is that some men believe that women should be grateful for the attention we receive from them. They feel it is their right to tell us they like our tits, and even expect to be able to feel them without permission. 

What if women were in complete control of choosing their partners? Would men behave better or tout around in high heels trying to attract our attention?

It is not beyond the realms of possibility that men should dress up or compete against each other to impress us - like most animals in the world it is the males that have spectacular colours and fight for attention.  High Heels were originally worn by men to keep their feet in the stirrups while riding horses, and as a symbol of masculinity and status.  A lot has changed since those ages.

Dear Aphrodite's movie of the month hails from the 16th century.
Dangerous Beauty  is the true story of the rise and demise of Veronica Franco, a famous courtesan, in Venice.  

Here's the the Solar Movie link to - Dangerous Beauty.  Scroll down and click on 'free download.' Ignore the pop up ads and press play.  This movie is from a woman's perspective and contains a deep knowing of lust and love.
"You, all of you...who hunger... for what I give... cannot bear to see the kind of power in a woman. You call God's greatest gift - ourselves, our yearning, our need to love - ... filth and sin and heresy... I repent that there was no other way open to me. I do not repent my life." Veronica Franco
She refuses to give into shame and guilt and chooses the life of a courtesan because it affords her access to education and wealth. It provides a better alternative than false marriage, servitude to one man and society's oppressive traditions.

The scene with Veronica and the wives of her clients highlights the insecurities and competitiveness amongst women. The same qualities that make us judge and criticise each other today.  

In Dear Aphrodite's favourite article of the month -  The Grown woman's oath -  Dr F Emeila Sam challenges us to make a pledge to release crippling judgements of ourselves and others, discover our true worth and pave the way for other women to excel rather than 'try and elbow them out of the way.' Are you able to give up comparisons with others?  What other parts of the oath did you find challenging?

If you enjoy Latin flavours and the delights of big city life let us introduce our Gentleman of the month Roberto. Roberto is charismatic and adaptable. Down to earth and sophisticated.  

Log in to our website to see Roberto's profile, and listen to his audio on the Companions page at Aphrodisiac ME. His voice is sexy and there is no doubt he knows how to make a woman feel like royalty. Logging into the website gives you access to the profiles of all our Gentleman.  Remember that discretion and privacy is guaranteed.

Like the courtesans of yesteryear Dear Aphrodite believes our companions should be celebrated and enjoyed, every woman deserves to be pampered. Some men know better than others, exactly how to indulge a fantasy.  

Hiring an escort is more than just filling an emptiness or overcoming a fear.  It has nothing to do with the guy, it's about not having to see him again or being able to choose if you want to.  It's about satisfying a need without the risk and inevitable 'dodgy dudes' that come with bar hopping and online dating. It's about experiencing another aspect of yourself.

Dear Aphrodite would love to know what you think about the movie Dangerous Beauty and what parts of the grown woman's oath you find easy or challenging.  Have you ever been guilty of persecuting or criticising another woman for having a different reality to your own?  Do you compete with other women for attention or withdraw because you don't feel worthy. Are you afraid to say or do anything for fear of offending or do you take offence easily?  

Next month we look at how we can change our frequency to change our reality. Did you know scientists have recently discovered a 'nice gene.' We'll discover how it can be affected and how even if you don't have the gene you can learn how to enjoy being naughty or nice. By releasing old doctrines and raising our frequency you can literally empower women all over the world. 

Also next month our exclusive interview on SBS's The Feed.  Yes the cat is out of the bag we sit down face to face with Patrick Abboud and discuss what Aphrodisiac ME is really all about.

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Aphrodisiac ME

Single doesn't have to mean celibate.

There are so many reasons women choose celibacy. For some it is a choice they find empowering and liberating. Others don't have the time to seek meaningful or casual relationships. It's a safe form of preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Some women choose celibacy because they have been hurt, suffered a loss or aren't ready to share their body and emotions. It's fair to say for many celibacy is not a choice, whether she craves sex or intimacy, there is often a lack of suitable partners.

Many of the new clients at Aphrodisiac Male Escorts have been celibate for extended periods of time, not just months, but years or decades. This may come as no surprise. The fact that many of them soon move on to form meaningful relationships is a pleasant phenomena that begs the question.  What makes a sexually active woman more attractive?

Dear Aphrodite thinks it might have something to do with the smile she can't wipe off her face.  It also has a lot do with endorphins and hormones.  Oestrogen is a hormone that makes our skin soft and our hair shiny, levels double when a woman has sex.

Oestrogen protects the heart and reduces the risk of Alzheimer's and Osteoporosis. Endorphins reduce pain and stress, and improve sleep and menstrual cycles. Then there are the 10 health benefits of having an orgasm described in this article at Flo Living.

It's not just about the way a woman looks, healthy is sexy. Having sex improves our senses, we hear better and smell better, it increases brain activity, which makes us smarter too.

Our confidence and self esteem are boosted.  Subtle energy shifts help us move better, dress better. This, of course, also depends on the quality of the sex.  Anything less than having our desires met, is at best frustrating. Sometimes it's not even about having sex but owning our sexuality, our femininity.

Getting your horny back.

When was the last time you had good sex, any sex?  Dr Shannon Chavez, integrates both physical and psychological methods to help women become sexually empowered. Her recent article answers the question I feel no desire or arousal what can I do to get my horniness back?  She tells us 'not to wait for desire to magically appear. Watching a movie, reading erotica or listening to sexy music... can lead to sex.' Aphrodisiac Me's tumblr page is full of arousing images.


Raunchy or relaxed, slow is a good place to start. A romantic dinner, a dance class or drinks to begin. Perhaps a long kiss, tantra massage and an in depth Yoni massage will get the mood going. A favourite fantasy, or just some much needed training.  If you want it and you haven't got it, where can you go to get it - for the first time, regularly or every time?

Dear Aphrodite would like to introduce our featured companion for the month, André. He knows how to slow down. A trained and absolute master.  He holds the keys to the secret desires of many women. Log into the Aphrodisiac ME  page, and click on the companions tab to hear his audio tape. Read about his abilities to free a woman's inhibitions, clear her mind and tap into her unique sexual expression.

This month André is featured in an article by ManTalk magazine. In the article The business of pleasure he discusses everything from being an escort, the facts and the myths, experiences with his clients as well as what it means to be a Sex Surrogate. He is eloquent, intelligent and it is obvious that he knows more about the anatomy of women, inside and out, than most women know themselves.

Dear Aphrodite's movie of the month is a TED talk that made us cry, laugh and rejoice. Sheila Kelley explains the importance, and beauty, of unleashing feminine sexuality. Let's get naked - goes for 21 minutes, but you'll want to watch it again. Share it if it touches you.  It's not for everybody. Some people are asexual.  If you are woman that feels like you are missing out on something this video is for you.

We are far more complicated than men are sexually, the focus isn't just the genitals. Focusing on any one area can bring enormous pleasure. The average couple spends 15 minutes having sex but it can take a women 45 minutes just to get turned on.

Even if it's one night only, when you connect with someone else, new possibilities open up. A simple gesture or eye contact can open your heart. Physical touch - can open your entire being. Aphrodisiac ME takes care of the details, whether it's social or intimate you can just enjoy yourself. While it may not be good for repeat business, helping women open up to love again, or just healing part of their past pain is worth it.  If it can work for one it can work for many.

People have pre-conceived ideas about what the sex industry is all about. Dear Aphrodite is part of a worldwide movement to turn the focus back to honouring women.  Whether she is in gumboots or stilettos she defines womanhood.

There is a broad range of women who have used the services of Aphrodisiac Male Escorts. They differ in age, shape, backgrounds, marital status and professions but they all had to make that first phone call or email enquiry.  Each enquiry is treated individually in a non-committal, non judgemental and guaranteed private environment.

Dear Aphrodite's quote of the month is by Alan Moore (25,000 years of erotic freedom.)

Are you ready to be progressive? Do you want to meet André or one of the other companions? Zac and Raul are based in Sydney, you can check out their profiles on the website too. No matter where you are, our companions are prepared to travel, Australia wide and abroad. 

If you are tempted but not sure it's the right time for you, it's possible to meet a companion without any obligation to follow through with an appointment. First Impressions offer women an opportunity to meet up and decide if they like what they see. If after 10 minutes you change your mind he will leave, if you like what you see, you decide what comes next.

It's time to get your sexy back,turn on that part of feminine energy that so easily gets turned off. Every woman, at any age can be in touch with her primal energies, not just the youthful fashionistas plastered all over our media. In Brianna Weist's post, confidence tops the list of 14 of the most powerfully hot qualities people can have. Are you feeling confident?

Next month Dear Aphrodite discusses why it's so hard for women to talk about sex, and explore if this has anything to do with the 'Matilda vs Matthew effect.' Why do women bring each other down, instead of respecting each other's paths and honouring each others individuality?  Dear Aphrodite has taken the grown woman's oath. Will you?  

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