Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Meet the two most unlikely madams.

Drum roll please....

And now ladies and gentlemen, no more pseudonyms or false perceptions. Introducing, for the first time on national television, the real faces behind the real names of the creators of Aphrodisiac ME.

Interviewed by both The feed on SBS and Channel 10's Studio 10, meet Anna and Regina as they shed some light on their story. The reaction was to be expected.  

These two women and the nature of their business is not at all what people expected. 

"Boxes are for trinkets not people."

Anna and Regina look like normal women because they are normal women. Albeit two women that recognised a gap in a market, that is usually considered shameful, and took action to make a change. 

Women have had access to escorts in the past but Aphrodisiac ME is the first to cater exclusively to women. Anna and Regina understand that women need to take their time, research, digest, put their feelers out, feel safe and really think about what they want or need. The heart of their mission is to empower both themselves and other women. 

The first interview on SBS (The Feed) starts off with an independent escort not associated with Aphrodisiac ME. The companions at Aphrodisiac ME are hired based on emotional maturity, life experience and they must absolutely love their job. You can skip the intro and meet Regina and Anna at the 1:25 mark.  

Did you have preconceived ideas of what a madam should look or behave like? Are Anna and Regina what you expected to see? Would you feel comfortable discussing your wants and needs with them? Would you trust them to find the right man for the job?

In May an empowering women's movement became a worldwide trend. After a particularly misogynistic attack in the USA, twitter responded in a big way with #yesallwomen. Women all over the world decided now was the time their collective voice needed to be heard and the power of twitter activism took over. Another hashtag #eacheverywoman was created to combat threats made to the originator. Both hashtags are still active. The conversation has started and is continuing. 

Do you think a hashtag can change the way the world thinks?  The women's movement has been going strong for about 60 years now. It will take at least 100 years,  possibly another 1000 years, for women to be truly treated as equals. #yesallwomen was a world wide power surge.  Dear Aphrodite is expecting many more in the coming future. 

The article Why I give a damn about #yesallwomen has a great overview of the importance of women speaking out and shares a few interesting tweets.  Dear Aphrodite loved this one... 
@awdubreuil - "Started reading the #yesallwomen tweets b/c I've got a daughter, but now I see I should be reading them b/c I've got two sons"
Surprisingly a large amount of men responded that they had no idea of the level of threat and attacks directed towards women. 

Women are so easy to attack because globally and generally speaking, we have been raised to live in guilt and shame. In Shrugging off a lifetime of shame, we learn of one woman's journey to change her beliefs and not repeat the same old patterns. 

Many women don't know how to protect themselves anymore. How many times have you stopped yourself from telling someone off, for their inappropriate behaviour, just because you don't want to hurt their feelings or because you risk being humiliated if they deny it?

Dear Aphrodite knows that if you can feel a man touching you, he absolutely knows he is touching you too. Don't be afraid to let him know how it makes you feel, whether he likes it or not. 

In honour of her death, our quote of the month comes from Maya Angelou, a shining beacon of truth and guidance.
"Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all women"  
Maya Angelou died peacefully in her sleep, aged 86.  Though she had a fulfilling and productive life, her death for many was hard to take. Most famous for her literature and possibly her appearances on Oprah, her true calling was teacher. 

Her authenticity meant that she couldn't keep secrets. Opening up about her life allowed her to connect to people. Her voice helped free her from the box she was put in, which helped free millions of women all around the world.

For a glimpse into some of her lessons and wisdom take a look at "Everything i need to know I learned from Maya Angelou." 

Did you know she wrote cook books and was also a sex worker?  A lot of people think it is shameful, as a result media has largely erased the evidence of her sex work history, some of her poems have even been edited in certain publications but she never kept it a secret. Her most valuable lesson was possibly, that which you admire most in other people you too can become.  

Another pioneer of education and freedom from sexual repression celebrated her birthday on June 5th. Dr Ruth Westheimer isn't what you would expect if judging from first appearances either. Happy Birthday Dr Ruth. 

It is not true that men are more sexual than women. There have been times when it was known and accepted that women wanted sex more than men. Society's perception of sexuality changes all the time, whether we are driven by our sexuality or passionless is an opinion created by man for the benefit of man.  This perception of women as passionless is relatively new.  In the 1600's a man was shunned from his church for depriving his wife of sex. Ancient texts record men achieve one tenth of the pleasure women receive from sex.

If women were a type of food we'd be eggs. We come in all shapes and sizes and are capable of reproduction. If you know how to handle them they are capable of almost anything. Eggs can be boiled, fried, poached, scrambled, light and fluffy, thick and solid and the base of an infinite number of sweet and savoury recipes or perfect just on their own. From beaten omelettes to sweet little muffins, if you can't find an egg recipe you like then you just don't like eggs.  If you don't take care and break one they make an awful mess.  

If your aiming to be a little less scrambled and a bit more stable, Christie Maree Sheldon explains her techniques for releasing old patterns, finding bliss and changing your frequency. At around seven minutes and thirty seconds she describes the frequency scale.

Follow along as she shares how to tap into source energy and change your frequency at around the 25 minute mark.  What frequency do you operate on? We're aiming for joy.

On the subject of joy, Dear Aphrodite's movie of the month is 'Fading Gigolo'.  Vanessa Paradiso steals the show with her portrayal of Orthodox Jewish Avigal, and her encounters with a middle aged gigolo. A charming film with interesting insights and a few good laughs. It's a new movie out now. 

It's not just religious women, older women enjoy sex too. A lot of younger guys even enjoy having sex with them. Dear Aphrodite knows you shouldn't waste time with amateurs, unless your training them to be experts.  

In  an open letter to men, Kelly Marceau describes what a sexy consciously awake women wants, and tips to finding your equal. It's easy to miss the real person if you don't ask the right questions.

If you just want to be Princess for a day, Dear Aphrodite knows exactly where to find you some Princes.

The companions at Aphrodisiac ME are more than just your proverbial Princes. Dear Aphrodite's gentleman of the month rises well above royalty. Adam's smile will melt your heart and he has the kindness and confidence to go with it. He is rugged and a great conversationalist. Login or register at Aphrodisiac ME to see his full profile.  

Ever wondered what you would pay one of our companions to do for you? In Bern Morley's article Oh the things I'd pay a hot man to do, she includes rubbing her feet and reading her a bedtime story. Have you got any other ideas?

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How long did it take you to realise that you are a
'phenomenal woman?' (RIP Maya Angelou 2014)