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An escort reveals how a threesome can spice up or save your marriage.

Four people, an exclusive hotel and a threesome.

We love a juicy story. Intimate details about the personal lives of people that do things we're afraid to dream about sell millions of tabloids the world over. It's one thing to do something daring and break free from the traditional normal. We reach a whole new level when people share their adventures or some snippets of their lifestyles choices.

This months blog post is bought to you by Aphrodisiac Male Escorts only female escort, Erica.  Aphrodisiacs caters exclusively to women, but Erica doesn't mind men getting in on the action, or catering to the needs of a man that wants to please a woman.  Let's face it, there ain't an abundance of excellent lovers out there. Erica knows how to teach. 

Threesomes are often thought of as being for the joy of men. Erica will equal the playing field. 

In some cultures Aunties teach nieces how to make their men better lovers. In our culture Erica is the kind of woman that can empower a woman to feel pleasure again or even for the first time. Show and tell is such an easy way to learn. 

Communication is often emotionally charged and difficult when the subject is sex. Erica might even save an unsatisfying or asexual marriage, or your sanity. If you dare. 


Introducing Erica...

 I’ve been asked by the team at Aphrodisiac Male Escorts to write for our blog. As the only female escort currently working for Aphrodisiac I guess I have a unique perspective and we thought it would be worth sharing with you. 

I’m a liberated creature, I view sex with an open heart and mind and as such I like to call myself fluid. I’m not big on labels. I appreciate both the male and female experience. I am not confined by the prejudices and judgments of society. 

I aim to push through common convictions and love to challenge the status quo, in doing so I hope to introduce new opportunities and experiences and equalise the playing field, so to speak. So please enjoy my first blog post, as I certainly hope to entertain and enthral you all with many more. 

Sex is empowering and should be viewed as such. To truly embrace that power you must be open to new experiences. 

If you have a partner you must trust that person enough to know that ‘sharing’ a new experience can, if you let it, enrich your lives together and not over burden it with fear and jealousy. This type of experience is not for everyone, or perhaps you simply haven’t arrived at this juncture. 

Surely it is worth exploring all avenues before giving up on a marriage or long-term relationship, perhaps all you need is a little spice. A little spice keeps things nice….so please consider my offering, I promise both of you an experience to remember. 
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My first booking with Aphrodisiac was one such experience.  To most it would seem like the plot to a Hollywood movie… 

I was flown to Noosa, (I’ve never been) put up in the hotel of my choice. I was to meet a couple who are from Melbourne but were staying at their holiday home throughout the summer. 

They chose for our little rendezvous to happen in this exotic setting rather then the familiarity of their everyday existence. I’m certainly not complaining! It worked well as we had one of our gentlemen escorts Adam, living in Noosa at the time and the couple had booked us as a double. For privacies sake I'll call the couple Karen and John. 

Karen and John are an attractive couple in there fifties and this is a second marriage for both of them. John, as often is the case, had experienced ménage a trios’ and was a lot more comfortable than Karen in venturing beyond the norms of monogamy.

Adam picked me up from my hotel room. I was eager to meet our companions for the evening, excited and nervous at the same time. Lucky we didn’t have to drive far. 

We were greeted warmly by John when we arrived while Karen was waiting for us on the undercover balcony. 

We started the evening chatting over a few wines, which was fun, but it was mostly to calm Karen's nerves. This was a first time experience for her. 

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I was struck by John's love and concern for Karen. His gentle assurance throughout the evening, especially in the beginning, was gorgeous to watch. The whole experience, whilst more familiar to John, was new for the both of them. 

John wanted Karen to try something new. She was to be the centre of our worlds and to be honest he just wanted to enjoy the show and let his partner enjoy our attention. 

I took control of the evening when I thought the time was right, better to act now then let Karen’s nerves get the better of her. We moved into the beautifully decorated lounge. Adam and John watched from the kitchen area drinking in the view with an intense quiet interest.

I slowly undressed myself, revealing my alluring Pleasure State lingerie to everyone. Karen sat on the spacious lounge just centimetres from me. Then I carefully and expertly undressed Karen revealing her sexy, silky underwear which made me want her even more….

Her breath hung on every move I made, her anticipation and nervous excitement escaped her lips each time I touched her skin and brushed her full breasts. It was now Adam’s turn to take control. Before I completely forgot about him lost in exploring Karen, he moved us all into the master bedroom. 

Both he and I focused our attentions solely on Karen as John watched. We made her feel beautiful and cherished, sexy and desirable and honestly in her willingness and vulnerability she was. 

Karen had never been with a women before and having a man like Adam devour you in the bedroom as her husband watched made Karens‘s whole energy naughty, beautiful and exuberant. Our experience triggered something in her that only this sort of letting go of the body and mind can bring. 
(Source:, via eliapan)

Finally after hours of sexy play and naked, sweaty fun everyone lay exhausted on the bed, except John. He had watched the entire time from a chair close by. John offered us another wine and then Adam and I dressed and prepared to leave.

I was spent, Karen was spent and John just looked like all of his Christmases had come at once. As often is the case I could tell that Karen & John were eager to have some time to themselves to recount the evening, to make love while the smells and sexy intoxication were still heavy in the room. 

Adam dropped me off at my hotel and I spent what was left of my evening recounting my own experience. I’m always left in a satiated alternative state after such a booking and I like to reflect on the success and events of the evening.

Finally I succumbed to a restful slumber then enjoyed a light breakfast in Noosa before heading to the Sunshine Coast airport and inevitably home.

My final take on the evening. For his part John put a lot of trust in Karen to explore and experience something so taboo and yet new and exciting. When you love someone, surely this is a gift worth giving. They both put a lot of trust in Adam and I and we respected that trust implicitly. 

That evening brought this couple closer. It is the trust and willingness that does it, not the sex and nakedness, although that certainly is the fun part…

Till next time

I’d love to hear your thoughts, 



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