Friday, 6 December 2013

The sex, adult and erotic industry. From slavery to sexology.

What if almost everything you thought you knew about the sex industry was wrong? The Kings tribune article Sex workers - facts and myths debunks some of the myths, including everyone hiring sex workers are perverts.

There is no denying the sex industry has it's nasty side. It's spawns slavery and has violated millions of people in the form human trafficking and rape. When comparing abuse and profits, it's second only to the drug industry. Nobody wants their child to grow up and become a drug user or dealer, yet cities are overflowing with people queuing for prescriptions, and there are plenty of proud parents of pharmacists and medical professionals.

Not all pharmaceuticals and the people representing them have good intentions. Not all illegal drugs and the people selling them are bad, some are natural and even legal in some countries.  The same can also be said about the sex industry (and politics, and religion etc...) Dear Aphrodite has met junkies in the medical profession, healers in the sex industry, and veterans with unshakeable regrets that shy away from being worshiped as heroes. How can anybody draw a single line between right and wrong. Doesn't every cloud have a silver lining?

"Mummy, when I grow up I want to help people feel good?"
"Perhaps you could  be a teacher or psychologist."
"How about the adult erotic industry?"

Shock, horror!

How would you feel about your daughter majoring in Sexology? What if she was proud to share with the world, that she has had sex with over 900 partners? What if she was so good at her job that Hollywood made a movie about her? Starring Helen Hunt? What if she won prestigious national awards that put her at the top of the game? What if she was had a long list of publications, and regular television and radio appearances, dishing out sex advice, listed on her bio?

What if she opened her very own male escort agency designed to provide a service that empowered and nurtured women, guaranteed to treat them exactly how they wanted to be treated? What if she was a sexpert? Would you be proud?  This month Dear Aphrodite catches up with two well known Sexperts. Australia's very own award winning sexologist Dr Nikki Goldstein, and all the way from America, sex surrogate partner Cheryl Cohen-Greene, who continues to push the boundaries of sexual healing.

Dr Nikki Goldstein (facebook) is best known for her candid relationship advice. She is driven in her passion to educate and empower people. Is it any wonder she won the Adult and Erotic Industries, Eros Shine Award for best sex educator?  Dr. Nikki we congratulate you. Amongst her regular TV and radio appearances, she also writes for Cosmopolitan and several other publications. Check out her blog and latest article, How to spice up your sex life

We are pleased to announce that when she was in Melbourne for the Eros Shine Awards, we were able to meet up. She found the time to interview our very own companion Anthony for an upcoming article. We look forward to sharing the outcome in the coming months. Dr Nikki is our new millennium Dr Feelgood, in so much as, they both provide much needed information on matters related to sex and relationships to the general public through, mainstream media.  Here's Dr Nikki educating The morning show viewers about sex surrogacy.

 "On seeing a sex surrogate" written by Mark O'Brien, a poet paralysed from the neck down due to polio, is the basis for our favourite film of the month; The Sessions. Brian had never had sex, and with the blessing of his pastor and therapist, enlisted the help of a sex surrogate to lose his virginity before he died. He died a contented man in 1999, if you like reading biographies here's the link to his memoir How I became human,

The film highlights the hands on sessions between Cheryl Cohen-Greene (Helen Hunt) and Mark O'Brien (John Hawkes). It explores the deep connection they shared, his needs and her role as a sex surrogate partner.  "The main difference between surrogate partner and a sex worker is that a surrogate partner does not want your repeat business."

Cheryl has nothing against sex workers, but her work is about "helping people overcome sexual difficulties. They may be suffering from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, anxiety around their sexuality, little or no sexual experience, difficulty communicating, poor body image, or various combinations of these issues..."

Hands on sex as therapy seems more accepted when it's for sick or disabled people. Dear Aphrodite would like to add skin deprivation as a condition, also emotional disability after break ups and believes physical disability should also include the side effects of not having had a great orgasm for a long time. Perhaps you and your partner just have an itching compersion that needs to be scratched.

Though some people say sex surrogates are 'just glorified prostitutes' - as if it's a dirty word - sex surrogacy is proven to be an effective therapy. While a sex worker isn't classed as a therapist, it doesn't mean sex with a sex worker can't be therapeutic, a psychologist is just someone to talk too, a male escort can be all ears too"

The need for physical companionship is what makes a woman book an appointment, it's also the planning and the anticipation, otherwise they would just see a psychologist or masturbate.

The following clip is a glimpse into Cheryl's world of sex surrogacy and some highlights from the film:  The Sessions.

We were thrilled to have a one on one skype chat with Cheryl this month and have loved  reading her book "An intimate Life - sex, love, and my journey as a surrogate partner". Cheryl has been married for over 30 years and does have long term clients. The relationships she develops with them are professional and real. Which raises the question, what happens when clients fall in love with an escort? Cheryl points out that communication and openness is the key to her success. She is honest about what her job is, and collaborates with other treating therapists to explore any feelings that develop .

A number of women hiring male escorts are seeking a boyfriend experience. In some cases whether it's a one off, or a repeat client, it's only natural genuine feelings may develop. Perhaps it is part of the fantasy, but as with any sort of game playing in Dear Aphrodite's world, the game ends as soon as one or more involved in the party is no longer comfortable. Despite all the slut shaming, today's women aren't always afraid to ask for what they want. Clients are paying for quality, they are also paying for that quality to leave when it's over. No awkward goodbyes, waiting for the phone to ring or screening phone calls to worry about.

Our companions are experienced gentlemen and know what they are doing.  They understand that the nature of their work is also about boosting a woman's self esteem, which ultimately propels her forward in all of her relationships, as well as life in general. It's why Aphrodisiac male escorts was started.

In our experience a gentle reminder, that his business is her pleasure, is effective enough to bring reality back into focus. Emotional and physical needs are equally important. Dear Aphrodite's article of the month What would I pay for? is one of many examples of a woman's healthy experience with a male escort. A positive outcome in the adult and erotic industry, when it's done right.

Apart from the budget and celebrity, is there really any difference between Dita Von Teese's act, Moulin Rouge and a peep show.

As Jo Soporno points out in his Exposé of the Sexual Cartel, it's also hard to tell the difference between a prostitute and a wife.

Women are often taught about how bad/wrong sex is before we, if ever, are taught about how good it can be. There is no single natural human function that can cover so broad a spectrum from pleasure and divine connections, to obsession, addiction and at it's worst slavery and abuse. Is it ever ok to sell sex, and is there a better method than hands on when it comes to teaching and learning about sex?

A night out can be expensive, and frankly dangerous at times, with no guarantee of a satisfying ending. Wouldn't it just be easier to hire a professional?  Knowing he was employed by a premier agency because he has proven he understands women, knows how to make a woman comfortable, knows that an orgasm starts way before entering the bedroom, and most of all enjoys satisfying women.

Dear Aphrodite's Favourite article and quote of the month sounds like it was written by one of those types of men. Refuting the trend of macho men claiming to lock up their daughters, in his article, Dear daughter: I hope you have awesome sex, Ferrett Steinmetz says
"consensual sex isn't something that men take from you; it's something you give. It doesn't lessen you to give someone else pleasure. It doesn't degrade you to have some of your own. And anyone who implies otherwise is a man who probably thinks very poorly of women underneath the surface."
As women break the glass ceiling and inch closer to 50/50 in the work place it stands to reason that they will seek out the same services that men have long sought. Before Aphrodisiac Male Escorts came along there were no agencies offering services available exclusively for women, (including couples - services are strictly heterosexual) in Melbourne. Once the myths are debunked it becomes obvious that there is a real need for straight up (or perhaps a little kinky) sexual healing, from an expert/master/professional. Marvin Gaye hit the right chords, when he sang about sexual healing in the early the 80's.

Rather then featuring only one of our gentleman this month, Dear Aphrodite has decided to celebrate the 2013/14 season of giving, by introducing First Impressions. First impressions is a 10 minute meet and greet, with any of our companions.  The standard and ethics at Aphrodisiac male escorts are first class, our values are uncompromising, nobody does anything they don't want to do. First impressions count, if you don't click with him in the first 10 minutes then you're companion will just leave.  If you can't keep your hands off him he'll take you where ever you want to go.

Are you sexually frustrated, or just curious about trying something new? Check out the website for more details on how to meet the companion of your choice. Sure pedicures and facials are great but if you really plan on pampering yourself this Christmas/New year, would you rather be naughty or nice?

 "Life is like a box of chocolates, sometimes one just isn't enough" - Dear Aphrodite

Thursday, 31 October 2013

If I had body like Mileys I would go naked too, but I'd rather lick a....

Are you Team Miley or Team Sinead O'Connor?  If you haven't already seen the open letters by Sinead to Miley about her recent performances you can read them here. Dear Aphrodite appreciates the youth vs experience debate as well as the respect and misjudgement from both sides of the fence. Modest mothers (with mental disorders) and wild child's can learn from each other. Let's face it Miley is H.O.T at the moment. She has been famous for generations, has a loyal following, looks sexy in a onsie, is talented and still has youth on her side.  Her new image is about as controversial as high heels.  Almost every woman has felt more powerful just by wearing a pair which, as irony would have it, are also constricting and make us more vulnerable, but in a further twist can also be used as a weapon, if necessary. Such is the contradiction of beauty (and youth).  

The best thing that has come out of the whole Miley vs Sinead debate, which we have all seen before with other movie stars (Marilyn), pop stars (Madonna, Brittany, Gaga) and famous for nothing divas (Paris, the Kardishans) before her,  is the mash up of their two songs - Wrecking ball by Miley and Nothing compares to you by Sinead - Dear Aphrodite loves the blend of the two voices and  it sounds beautiful. No naked bodies or licking inanimate objects just music and faces.  Both songs scream about the humiliating reactions of agonising break ups, especially when we are young. When Miley realises there are more 50 years olds having better sex than 20 year olds, she will have a more positive influence on the women of the world. When Sinead realises that Miley is like every other single confident girl, in their twenties, that has a good dose of misguided arrogance to go with it, she simply won't believe opinions that differ to hers... until..! Dear Aphrodite knows Miley will have as much influence on women as Madonna did to the girls of the eighties. We grew up with her we didn't become her. One day she might just wise up enough to share the good and bad points of her experiences, all great lessons take time.

Dear Aphrodite believes Miley shouldn't change a thing, and that Sinead was right to speak out about the real ugly in all of this.  Miley copped  a lot of criticism for her dance at the VMA awards, but there was no noise about Robin Thicke's Blurred lines drug referencing 'tear your ass in two' lyrics - google his lyrics if you're interested because they don't deserve a link here. Dear Aphrodite prefers this parody by some New Zealand law students that were tired of thinly veiled disrespect towards the average woman.

Seeing as most of our information comes from some form of media, image has become  an obsession, everything. Dear Aphrodite knows there are two sides to every coin, beauty is a valuable gift but it still needs dusting. Some women are blissfully or painfully unaware of the image they portray, others use and abuse it, and with a few wise moves, and a bit of luck, some benefit from being fully aware of their power.

A terrifying large number of us are finger pointing, self assessing, appreciating or deprecating.  "I wonder if I could get away with wearing that outfit. How does she think she can get away with it? I wish I looked like that? Who does she think she is? If only I could lose some weight, whiten my teeth, stop my hair from thinning, smooth out my wrinkles - love myself!  We judge other women based on how their image makes us feel about ourselves. Some women can't imagine a life without hair dye, and forcing them to give up hair removal for 3 months would be too confronting or near impossible.

We compare ourselves to other women and forget that if we all stopped removing the hair from our body, men would find hairy women sexy in next to no time. But so many women (and judging by the hairless torso's of our male youth) and people in general regard having body hair to be an unnatural state to leave the house in. If we can't just be ourselves can we really love ourselves?

Are you the type of person that says things like, "Wow you're so tall, or you're really tiny, gosh you have long hair?" Stating the obvious, comparing the differences; would you tell someone that their hair is brown or eyes are blue?  Where does this obsession to assess and comment come from?  It forces some of us to try so hard to fit in, and others just choose to not play the game at all. Have you ever refused to go somewhere because you didn't have the 'right' clothes to wear?  Perhaps you avoided a massage or an intimate encounter because you forgot to shave, or your waxing appointment is next week?

Do you admire a woman that shows pride in her hairy armpits or doesn't wax her moustache, or do you attack her lack of femininity and assume she has no pride in herself? Ask any transvestite and they'll tell you the hardest battle in presenting as a woman is hair removal. A lot of women say they get Hollywood or Brazilian waxes because it's cleaner, when in fact the opposite is true.  Hair on your vulva protects the sensitive and highly absorbent skin in your vagina, a bit like eyelashes and nostril hair protect the holes in your face. Go naked, go full bush, just don't fool yourself into thinking it's something it's not.

Don't change your outfit, change your perspective.

Have you ever met a really skinny person that eats too much or a really fat person that doesn't eat enough? Dear Aphrodite appreciates every woman, the flawed and the flawless (if there is such a thing). Would you take advice from an overweight nutritionist or personal fitness instructor? Would it make a difference if that person was a man or a woman, used to weigh twice as much, or was just completely satisfied with the way they felt and looked. Dear Aphrodite is perfect just the way she is and knows you are too. True love, no boundaries.

Miley might be playing the only game that exsists when it comes to fame and fortune perhaps she should have licked a chain. Sinead's letter might have had a more far reaching effect in a shorter amount of time if it was privately addressed. Miley has a tough road ahead of her, she is a woman. Justin Beiber and Justin Timberlake didn't need to get naked to kick start their adult careers, it seems all female megapopstars prance around suggestively in their pimped up bikini's, hopefully the next Miley decides to create a new game.

The only way to stop caring what other people think is to stop caring what we think about other people...
Debenhams in the UK is showcasing all shapes and sizes

The fashion industry has been blamed for a lot of our prejudices and body issues, but they have also come a long way. Twenty years ago there were no pretty D cup bras and the only dresses in extra large were kaftans. There is still a one size fits all mentality, even though amongst average sizes the shape of  women varies enormously. Small sizes are too short for tall women, large sizes are too long for short women, not many of us are the same size on top as the bottom. Dear Aphrodite thinks one of the simple solutions would be to have a seamstress in every clothes store, to do adjustments and custom fittings. It would be good for our self image as well as the economy, one step at a time we can solve global problems locally.
good on you Colleen Clark
The famous quote by Helena Rubenstein, "There are no ugly women only lazy ones"  is Dear Aphrodite's pick apart quote of the month. It's the kind of elitist comment only a woman with an entourage can afford to make, right down to the pearly whites and under wire and or padded bras.  Do we even know what true beauty is anymore and can the average woman even afford it? Once a girl becomes a woman, can she ever be her true beautiful self or is she just judged, one way or another, on whether or not she got all the finer details of fake perfected?  At what age do we teach our girls to start obsessing about their looks? In an age where mothers are plucking their baby girls eyebrows, and even filing their teeth straight, the only movement Dear Aphrodite is joining is the lets get real movement.

Lets get real about femininity and sexuality.  Not just in west but all over the world.  Hooray for Africa and this must see documentary that chronicles the huge differences amongst woman from different cultures. Are the size of your lips important to you?  Can you believe that while some women are having labiaplasty to reduce the size of their labias, others spend a considerable amount of time stretching them for increased sexual pleasure.  

Dear Aphrodite's favourite movie of the month is a documentary by Inga Bergman that sheds light on different values and ideals in different lands and how women all over the world can learn from each other.

Here's the link to the full Uganda documentary.  The sunny side of sex - Uganda  - it's been hard to track down and is a must see  if your perspective could do with a change of scenery. There have since been episodes made about China, India and Cuba, we'll post the links as we find them.  

Ladies (and Gentlemen)  the most important message this month is to honour your body.  No matter how sexy or scarred it is, it is private property that only you decide what to do with.  That includes what you put into it, what you say with it, what you do with it and who you let you touch it.  Sexuality isn't just for teenagers and youth.  It gets better with age, no wise man would prefer a twenty year old to her 40 year old self, and wise women know that.

Dear Aphrodites feature gentleman of the month is Marcus our babe from the Bahamas. He is a master of communication, and he knows the best way to reach deep, to find the inner goddess of every woman, is to truly listen. If getting naked in public isn't your thing picture yourself on a deserted Carribean Island. To find out more about Marcus visit the page, and login under the companions tab.

If you want to keep up to date with  Dear Aphrodite's daily musings visit the facebook pages - though some content is shared across the four pages, they each have their own individual flavour.  If you like things a bit more steamy try Aphrodisiac me on  tumbler.

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Next month we learn more about instant gratification, the difference between a sex worker, escort and a sex therapist and the importance of sexual healing.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

The first time. Breaking free from sexual repression.

As he gently traced his fingers over my sweet heart neckline, a tingling sensation started in my toes. I was warm, wet and ready to burst. I wondered if I was about to have an orgasm, is it even possible to come without being naked?   He knew I had never explored my own body. He wanted me to experience how it felt, understand how it worked, with me, for me. He taught me that ancient taboos and spells are broken with a single touch, in the right place by the right person at the right time, if you let them.

I was curious about sex, but was I ready? His tender caresses felt so good. My body was begging for more but I didn't want him to stop doing what he was doing. No need to rush. Everything about the situation seemed perfect. Secret, lustful, pampering and seductive. How could it possibly be wrong? Who makes up the rules that say I shouldn't have sex until I either find a husband or at least Mr Right? Who makes us believe that a first love should also be the one and only love? Who makes us feel that it is sinful to be sensual? That we must be smart, pretty, alluring perhaps, but never ask for sex in an obvious way? Who started the rumour that no guy will remember or respect you if you give in to sex to easily?

Dear Aphrodite knows that some men will never forget that night you let all you inhibitions aside and dared to be your truest sexiest self.

Like most repressed people of the world, the permission to be free has to first come from the repressed. The truth is women's sexuality was forced into submission because it was feared, misunderstood and it can still be intimidating. There is a security in confinement. A method that provides a routine, and if we aren't happy we either try to break free or repress ourselves further. That part of us that can't be controlled becomes what we fear most.

Judgement is born through repression. Women are called sluts and whores or put on a pedestal.  Fearful or feared. Perhaps we identify more with one or the other, but most likely we are bit of both.

Every heterosexual man would like to please a woman they lust after. If they can't find out how to please her they'll eventually blame the recipient and rarely themselves.  They do everything they know. Their egos can't deal with feelings of inadequacy. Of course the way to unleash ourselves and them is to start by being honest. Educate and explore ourselves, communicate our desires, dance naked in the living room, touch yourself.  Read erotica, join the Ode to Aphrodite , Dear Aphrodite facebook or Aphrodisiac me Tumblr pages for inspiration and tantalising content. Don't just look at your body in the mirror, explore it, masturbate in front of it, open the window, let the sun and wind caress your body too. Thrill your self with sex toys, find your bliss. When the time is right, without shame, you can share your desires and all of your fantasies with someone else.

Some women have been powerfully expressing their sexuality, without shame, since time began. Which is why Dear Aphrodite's favourite movie of the month is Kama Sutra - A tale of love.

Kama Sutra - A tale of love trailer

A King falls in love with his concubine, she is beautiful and trained in the art of seduction and sexual satisfaction. She is ultimately his slave, but he can't make her love him because she is in love with a sculptor.  It is set in the 16th century full of stunning music, images, a fascinating insight into the ancient art of seduction, and that most intriguing of all relationships, friendship and jealousy between two women.

Here is the link to the full length movie  Kama Sutra - A tale of love.

An article by the The Australian, Jealousy, sex and mummies: Why women hate women, looks at the modern take on this age old dilemma between women. Focusing on ourselves will build our self confidence, which eliminates the need to be bitchy towards other women and their choices... or doubt our own choices.

In many cultures and some families, women are coerced into believing other people's ideals of what relationships and sex should be, rather than developing their own truth and listening to their own bodies. Is it any wonder our first loves tend to become obsessions that never live up to our expectations? That we expect men to fall in love with us just because we have sex with them or perhaps ignore us if we do or don't. If one woman is repressed we all are.

Here is a perfect example of the paradox. In a provoking article by Rabbi Shmuley No Holds Barred: The dangers of religious sexual repression, we are presented with arguments against religious repression, and by a Rabbi nonetheless. At the same time he tells women to cover up, make men lust after you but don't give too much of yourself too often.  Do it in the dark if you will and only with a husband. Ironically part of his rise to fame was an article he once wrote for Playboy magazine.

Men are not free of problems either.  'Unveiling the madonna - whore complexis an article by Jodie Gummow that captures the dichotomy of the good girl vs bad girl image. In reality we are all capable of being Ice Queens by day and Fiery Devils by night.

We can be hard to relate too. We confuse many emotions with love.  Lust can make us unstable. At certain times sex is great, necessary, important, at other times we are completely indifferent. In a single month we can cycle through 'too much is never enough' - to - 'don't you dare touch me and your doing it all wrong.'

We love to nurture and be nurtured.  We love to be in total control and at other times totally subservient. Sometimes our partners can't be gentle and slow enough, and suddenly we want to dominate. We want to be pampered and, at other times they can't overcome us long enough, hard enough or fast enough. The key to this conundrum is first discovering what we really want, when we really want it and communicating it. Dear Aphrodite's favourite blog of the month comes from Layla Martin, her post What does it mean to fuck like a woman, captures some of the subtle and stark complexities of our sexuality.

With all these differing moods, swinging hormones, phases, and life stages our needs are constantly developing and changing. We may have strong preferences but sometimes the hard part is figuring out who we are and what we really want. In this article about discovering your Sex personality Tracey Cox outlines the good and not so good of 5 different sex personalities. Erotophilic or erotophobic? Which one do you relate to? Perhaps you are a little bit of everything, every woman.

Do orgasms make you laugh, cry, scream, moan, none or all of the above. Are you one of the 50% of women that have never had one? Kim Anami describes perfectly in our quote of the month, why it's necessary to explore further.
"I’ve come to view orgasms as one of the most powerful and effective personal growth tools we have access to. And they’re free. They’re portable. Available any time, anywhere..."  
In the following movie 6 women discuss orgasms and masturbation. Dear Aphrodite was hoping to find the link to a documentary made in 2009 about the recent discoveries of the clitoris. This is not that documentary but it also explains the anatomy of the one and only human pleasure organ.  It's a french film with subtitles. Make a cup of tea before you sit down to watch it. It's like a conversation you've never had with a group of your girlfriends.

The holy grail of an orgasm is the clitoris. Even after thousands of years of sexual exploration the clitoris, it seems, has been left till last. Most people still think it's the tiny lump inside the labia at the top of the vulva. In the 90's we began searching for the 'G spot.' Some people believe it's non existent, others believe it's where the corpus cavernosum and bulb of vestibule come together. Here's a diagram organ designed for pleasure. We knew something was there but who knew it was that big?

Courtesy of skepticink
Robert T Gonzalez gives us more information on the mystery of the clitoris. The Museum of Sex has an in depth article about this internal organ and more diagrams too.

As promised Dear Aphrodite will feature one a gentleman every month and where better to start than alphabetically.  Anthony was also chosen because his profile oozes knowledge about the differing needs of a woman. He knows that some of us need to learn how to discover ourselves, and some of us need to give the instructions. He can be master or servant. Log in to see Anthony's profile and hear his audio tape under the companions tab at Aphrodisiac Male Escorts. While your there check out the two new profiles from Will and Marcus too.

Courtesy of Raising Ecstasy

A lot has changed since the contraceptive pill and the sexual revolution of the 60's, but it will probably be another 1000 years before women all over the world truly know what it means to be free. The pendulum is in full swing.

Courtesy of Evans Cartoons
 Next month we'll look at sexual healing. Is seeing an escort better than seeing a therapist? Misconceptions about sex workers and role reversal of the 'pretty woman concept'.  It may or may not be a legitimate concept, but Dear Aphrodite promises to make one up based on her own experiences and theories.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Influential women and how they're changing the world.

Some things are perfect just the way they are, but change is inevitable, and often arises from a sense of injustice, dissatisfaction or a deep rooted feeling that things could be better. Do you know what it feels like to conquer fears and judgements, face opposing views, and be the change you want to see in the world?  This month Dear Aphrodite explores some women that changed the world and the resistance, both personal and public, that they faced while achieving their goals. The highlight of our month has been meeting one of Dear Aphrodite's favourite influential women, the author of Sex and the City, Candace Bushnell. We also explore language and the female anatomy, and we share some of the challenges we faced that have spawned some new ideas. 

Do you remember tuning into Sex and the City and thinking there is no way you could watch it comfortably with someone like your grandfather in the room? Many people who have followed  Dear Aphrodites facebook page have told of the same dilemma. Nevertheless, just short of a 1000 people decided join us but many choose not to click 'like' or comment on our posts because it can't be done privately. Our stats show us that people are looking and listening but last month we were all denied access to a wealth of informative articles and tantalising graphics and quotes, when the authorities at facebook decided to delete the page without any prior warning. It took about a week of emails and phone calls in an effort to get the page reinstated, but to no avail. So we've started again from scratch. In the process Dear Aphrodite realised that due to facebook's privacy settings, we would reach a broader audience if we created a fan page, that is completely detached from the business page or website but still provides insights, fun and wisdom for the wild woman at heart, by women. If you prefer discretion and aren't already following, here are the new fan pages.

Please like the pages, add them to your news feed, feel free to contribute, share or comment without any concern for what your friends/family (and friends of their friends) might think about you or the pages you choose to follow, who's going to question the wisdom of an ancient goddess?  

Breaking new ground since the 1990's is our feature goddess of the month author of Sex and the City Candace Bushnell. We were honoured to meet Candace when Business Chicks, hosted a lunch for professional women at the Palladium in Melbourne. While it was inappropriate to hand out business cards at the event, we aroused the curiosity of plenty of guests and they questioned us for more details. Candace is wise and entertaining, she will definitely be on histories list of influential women, her life is an open book, (television series and movies) and she talked about her life and the many lessons we learned from her SATC characters.  Just like Madonna did in the eighties, she has had an enormous impact on the perception of females as sexy, independent and in control of their own lives. She is a feminist that celebrates women being more than just mothers, wives or their chosen careers. SATC opened up a dialogue for women that was previously considered taboo or strictly private conversations that revolved around scandalous stories or scintillating experiences. Everything and anything was discussed and can now be googled, confirmed and affirmed. Women have discovered they are not alone.

While so many things have changed, a comparison of the next two clips proves that many of the problems women face today are exactly the same as they have always been.

In the movie Hysteria set in the 1880's we learn how and why the vibrator was invented. Did you know Queen Victoria was one of the first women to own a portable one?  What was once considered a disorder of the uterus, and treated by a Doctor, is now described by Kim Unami in her candid video, as 'The epidemic of sexually unfulfilled females.'  See if you can spot the similarities in these two, centuries apart, stories.  For a fun history lesson watching the movie is a must. 

Quote to note  ''I am not a sex addict I have restless groin syndrome.'' Anon.

Up until the 1950's vibrators were sold in women's magazines as a health product.  Vibrators are still the highest selling sex toy in the entire world, our products page has some modern varieties.

If after comparing the two videos you are not convinced that we have come a long way, Katherine Swizter will help change your mind. Author of Marathon Woman, she shares her experiences of becoming the first woman to run in the Boston Marathon.  Dear Aphrodites bows to the strength, patience and determination of this sporting pioneer of yesteryear. What was once against the law would only be outrageous now if the opposite was true.

Books, television, movies, music and even marathons have given women their voice but by far the fastest growing medium is the Internet. It has provided us with the greatest tool towards change, a free education with easy access to information. Women know more, and are demanding better. Sadly not all the information out there is reliable. Take porn for example, while it has been the motivation behind many industrial and technological advancements, like television and camcorders, it is also responsible for setting unrealistic expectations. A lot of people don't know the difference between real sex and porn sex, and given that 3/4 of people accessing porn sites are men, The New York Production Company were clearly doing women a favour when they released this very creative myth vs reality video.

How do you like your pancakes?

Dear Aphrodite is also delighted to share a new article published by Australian Women Online titled,
Aussie Mums open male escort agency catering exclusively to women. It discusses how and why Melbourne's premier male escort service for professional women was created and it also details some of the hiring processes the gentlemen go through in order to ensure the highest quality standards.  Dear Aphrodite loved the comments that it generated too. One was a glowing testimonial and another expressed frustration about prices as well as the service being marketed only to 'professional women rather than the average woman.' While Dear Aphrodite believes that 'average' woman deserves special treatment, she isn't interested in average guys. That would be like asking for a fast food menu in a fine dining restaurant. Dear Aphrodite has met working women who make a fortune perfecting the art of speedy service for men, their needs are very different to ours. Dear Aphrodite's companions are Michelin quality. Eating A la carte every night might be too expensive, luckily there are low peak rates available, but treating yourself every so often is well worth every cent.

The biggest news since the article was published is that Aphrodisiac Male Escorts have also embraced change and expanded services to include women in Sydney as well as Melbourne. You can go to the website and check out Zac's profile under the companions tab, he is a true romantic and his audio tape is also accessible once you log in. His flirtatious accent is worth a listen and we hope it makes you smile too. Dear Aphrodite's most scrupulous volunteer has requested to be notified if he happens to be travelling to Melbourne again, he's that good.

Gillian Schutte is our final inspirational woman for this month. In her blog post C is for Cunt she made us aware that change is not always positive.

While scholars will never agree on the origins of the 'C' word, Dear Aphrodite likes the idea that it once related solely to femininity and the 'wisdom of women, in particular the wisdom of her genitals.' How would you feel if someone called you a cunt...? How about a wise cunt? Learning about the etymology of words that describe female organs has made Dear Aphrodite decide to add fecund, and other 'cu' words like cunning to her vocabulary more often. Words are neither good, bad or indifferent only peoples perceptions and use of them are. Cunt is still the only word in the English language that describes all the parts of female genitalia. In parts of Scandinavia the word for Labia is 'skamlæber' which directly translates to 'shame lips.' Is it any wonder that women in Denmark are pushing for it to be changed to 'kønlæber' which translates to the shameless 'gender lips.'

Finally Dear Aphrodite's favourite quote of the month is taken direct from Candace Bushnell's talk on July 24th in Melbourne.
"I realised that the concept of when you're with Mr Big; you feel smarter, funnier and prettier and more glamorous and sexier know, all those things that we all want to feel everyday. But I realised that the thing that's really wrong is that I only feel these things when I'm with Mr Big. And... I really should be able to feel these things on my own. Whether or not I'm with a man, whether I'm single or I'm married and that is something that you have to develop from the inside....and then I realised that... I didn't want to be with Mr Big...I actually wanted to be Mr Big!!" Candace Bushnell
Frankly, Dear Aphrodite never understood why Carrie married Mr Big in the end, that type of passion is usually fleeting, but with the right guy it's fun to pretend. Women need to stop judging their self worth on whether they are good enough for the object of their affection. It's always been and should always remain the other way around.

Next month we continue to celebrate influential women, delve into the psyche of emotional and physical attraction, and why an industry, that has predominately catered to the needs of men, has to be done differently to cater for many varying needs of women from every walk of life.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Welcome to Dear Aphrodite

The waiter asks whether we want dessert, he notices me looking at my date. A smile crosses my lips and I say, "not right now." My date nods and says, "soon, very soon."

Our waiter senses the rising pheromones, empties the bottle into my glass and walks away. I keep staring at my date, his eyes fixed straight back at mine. His warm hand is under the tablecloth caressing my thigh and fingering the hem of my skirt. I wasn't sure I was ready to sleep with him tonight, but we started talking dirty during entree, and I know he'll do whatever I want. I swallow the last mouthful of wine, and call for the bill, it's time to take him home.

Other than those, all too rare, perfect nights of passion, is there anything sexier then the anticipation of sex? Welcome to Dear Aphrodite. A safe place, where women are tantalised and celebrated.

Aphrodite is a combination of many different types of woman. An ancient archetype and a contemporary modern woman. She dances to the beat of her own drum and knows that beating men at their own game, isn't about acting like men.

Aphrodite needs balance, with balance comes constant movement between positive and negative, yin and yang, she is the pacifist and the aggressor. Our dear Aphrodite has embraced both her feminine and masculine energies and encourages you to explore all of your different energies too. Your higher self, your lower self, celestial ideals and fun common normality's. Surrender to your sensitives and stimulate your sacred self, discreetly, sensuously, passionately and on your own terms.

Aphrodite the archetype is the Goddess of love, pleasure and procreation, her Roman equivalent is Venus. She can be vain, ill tempered and easily offended but she is also the Goddess of desire, her passions run deep. She has several names, many lovers and is a surrogate mother to many, she is nurturing and opinionated.

Aphrodite, the contemporary creature, is an equal combination of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, no subject is taboo, similarities and differences are honoured and shared. Aphrodite will be meeting the creator of Sex and the City, Candace Bushnell at the Melbourne Business Chicks lunch being held at the Palladium on July 24th. She'll share what she learnt in the August post. If you had a chance to meet Candace what would you ask her? Aphrodite hopes in the next SATC movie, the girls open their own Aphrodisiac Male Escort company in New York. Imagine all the hard work being taken out of casual dating. Attention to detail, tried and tested, every precaution taken... the joy of just relaxing and enjoying the results, the fantasy, the excitement an awakening of dormant desires... Aphrodite is more than ready for that.

Aphrodite has other heros too, last year Dr Nickki Goldstein taught her the difference between a vagina and a vulva. In next months blog, she'll take a world tour and look at different cultures and their relationship to female anatomy. Dear Aphrodite is socially responsible and aims to cast aside negative perceptions of female libido, to educate as well as stimulate.

Much to Aphrodite's surprise the web presented her with an article by Mamma Mia (you can read it here) about Aphrodisiac Male Escorts. Dear Aphrodite welcomes the free publicity and conversations it generated, but thinks their angle of hiring an escort for a date to a wedding is a bit too stereotypical for our extraordinary clientele. Most weddings are intimate affairs these days and 'plus ones' are not the norm on invitations. Does anybody really want to introduce an escort to a small gathering of close friends and family. A business dinner with international clients or paying cash for a private date, a sexy massage, intimacy, company, or just a scratch that needs itching, is more realistic. Far better than paying with your dignity for a random stranger on the dark streets of Melbourne's nightlife.

Dear Aphrodite loves quotes and her quote of the month for July is: "I don't pay for the sex, I pay them to leave." by Charlie Sheen. In Aphrodite's ideal world, women have all the same privileges.

Aphrodite wants women to develop trust in each other. This blog is neutral territory, a place to gather a growing tribe, a gateway to a world that has been off limits for too long, a world that has been created by women for women. Are you ready for an adventure?

Aphrodite encourages you to check out the testimonials page on the website. You'll have to sign up to learn more about the carefully selected escorts, discretion is guaranteed. Perhaps your more interested in the products and services provided. Widows, divorcees, single women, or just for something different in your relationship, each client has their own specific needs and a story to tell. What's your story? Have you ever imagined hiring an escort, could any of your friend benefit from one?  

Dear Aphrodite welcomes questions, you can post anonymously in the comments below, she has an opinion that matters, a clear perspective and a desire to please. If you prefer more privacy you can email Dear Aphrodite at or ring and speak to her on 1300 132 855. Keep up to date with all the latest news by joining the mailing list, facebook, twitter or tumblr pages. There is something for everyone.

Welcome to her world of empowerment and self fulfilment.

Discretion, safety and no strings attached. Welcome aboard.

Dear Aphrodite has an answer for everything and a lot on her mind.  
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discretion, safety and no strings attached... 

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