Monday, 1 July 2013

Welcome to Dear Aphrodite

The waiter asks whether we want dessert, he notices me looking at my date. A smile crosses my lips and I say, "not right now." My date nods and says, "soon, very soon."

Our waiter senses the rising pheromones, empties the bottle into my glass and walks away. I keep staring at my date, his eyes fixed straight back at mine. His warm hand is under the tablecloth caressing my thigh and fingering the hem of my skirt. I wasn't sure I was ready to sleep with him tonight, but we started talking dirty during entree, and I know he'll do whatever I want. I swallow the last mouthful of wine, and call for the bill, it's time to take him home.

Other than those, all too rare, perfect nights of passion, is there anything sexier then the anticipation of sex? Welcome to Dear Aphrodite. A safe place, where women are tantalised and celebrated.

Aphrodite is a combination of many different types of woman. An ancient archetype and a contemporary modern woman. She dances to the beat of her own drum and knows that beating men at their own game, isn't about acting like men.

Aphrodite needs balance, with balance comes constant movement between positive and negative, yin and yang, she is the pacifist and the aggressor. Our dear Aphrodite has embraced both her feminine and masculine energies and encourages you to explore all of your different energies too. Your higher self, your lower self, celestial ideals and fun common normality's. Surrender to your sensitives and stimulate your sacred self, discreetly, sensuously, passionately and on your own terms.

Aphrodite the archetype is the Goddess of love, pleasure and procreation, her Roman equivalent is Venus. She can be vain, ill tempered and easily offended but she is also the Goddess of desire, her passions run deep. She has several names, many lovers and is a surrogate mother to many, she is nurturing and opinionated.

Aphrodite, the contemporary creature, is an equal combination of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, no subject is taboo, similarities and differences are honoured and shared. Aphrodite will be meeting the creator of Sex and the City, Candace Bushnell at the Melbourne Business Chicks lunch being held at the Palladium on July 24th. She'll share what she learnt in the August post. If you had a chance to meet Candace what would you ask her? Aphrodite hopes in the next SATC movie, the girls open their own Aphrodisiac Male Escort company in New York. Imagine all the hard work being taken out of casual dating. Attention to detail, tried and tested, every precaution taken... the joy of just relaxing and enjoying the results, the fantasy, the excitement an awakening of dormant desires... Aphrodite is more than ready for that.

Aphrodite has other heros too, last year Dr Nickki Goldstein taught her the difference between a vagina and a vulva. In next months blog, she'll take a world tour and look at different cultures and their relationship to female anatomy. Dear Aphrodite is socially responsible and aims to cast aside negative perceptions of female libido, to educate as well as stimulate.

Much to Aphrodite's surprise the web presented her with an article by Mamma Mia (you can read it here) about Aphrodisiac Male Escorts. Dear Aphrodite welcomes the free publicity and conversations it generated, but thinks their angle of hiring an escort for a date to a wedding is a bit too stereotypical for our extraordinary clientele. Most weddings are intimate affairs these days and 'plus ones' are not the norm on invitations. Does anybody really want to introduce an escort to a small gathering of close friends and family. A business dinner with international clients or paying cash for a private date, a sexy massage, intimacy, company, or just a scratch that needs itching, is more realistic. Far better than paying with your dignity for a random stranger on the dark streets of Melbourne's nightlife.

Dear Aphrodite loves quotes and her quote of the month for July is: "I don't pay for the sex, I pay them to leave." by Charlie Sheen. In Aphrodite's ideal world, women have all the same privileges.

Aphrodite wants women to develop trust in each other. This blog is neutral territory, a place to gather a growing tribe, a gateway to a world that has been off limits for too long, a world that has been created by women for women. Are you ready for an adventure?

Aphrodite encourages you to check out the testimonials page on the website. You'll have to sign up to learn more about the carefully selected escorts, discretion is guaranteed. Perhaps your more interested in the products and services provided. Widows, divorcees, single women, or just for something different in your relationship, each client has their own specific needs and a story to tell. What's your story? Have you ever imagined hiring an escort, could any of your friend benefit from one?  

Dear Aphrodite welcomes questions, you can post anonymously in the comments below, she has an opinion that matters, a clear perspective and a desire to please. If you prefer more privacy you can email Dear Aphrodite at or ring and speak to her on 1300 132 855. Keep up to date with all the latest news by joining the mailing list, facebook, twitter or tumblr pages. There is something for everyone.

Welcome to her world of empowerment and self fulfilment.

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