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Mr Grey will see you now…

Ladies, ladies. The book trilogy that set the world alight with its dark, powerful and badly written scenes, has made it to the big screen. 

On the trailer alone we’re convinced it’s going to be a hit and a film trilogy as well. Fingers crossed E.L. James was busy doing something else, when script writing sessions were on. There is a reason there are so many 50 shades of Grey parodies and here's our favourite so far.

As much as we tease the prose, it’s the romance of girl-meets-guy that has us hooked. The guy, who is psychologically traumatised and needs submissive women to enact his control over life, is saved by the simple but daring girl-next-door. It’s been labelled mummy porn, but it's really a love story at heart, with a little light kink thrown in for good measure… and humour (whether E.L. James meant it to be funny or not:)

“Does this mean you’re going to make love to me tonight, Christian?” Holy shit. Did I just say that? His mouth drops open slightly, but he recovers quickly. “No, Anastasia it doesn’t. Firstly, I don’t make love. I fuck… hard." 

At first I was in hysterics at this last line; then I was unashamedly turned on! 

“Sometimes I wonder if there's something wrong with me. Perhaps I've spent too long in the company of my literary romantic heroes, and consequently my ideals and expectations are far too high.” 

We're all Anastasia’s in our own way, duality bubbling under the surface. Usually we enjoy being Bridget Jones at the centre of a love tussle between a dashing gent and rascally bastard. At the same time we’re Miss Elizabeth Bennet, Cleopatra, Jane Eyre and Marilyn Monroe, whose life reads like a work of the greatest romantic fiction. Yet here we are as plain, young and naive Anastasia, both succumbing to a man and wanting to save him in equal measure. 

This is surely the heart of the attraction. E.L. James never said she was a great writer. But she has spoken for women with this traumatised hero, gentle heroine, kinky erotica and classic tale of romance. 

Our own gentleman, Anthony, provided his insight into the Fifty Shades phenomenon following his training in kink:

 "The response to the novels from the critics has been an overwhelming thumbs down, probably because the years they spent perfecting their writing craft have been superseded and left for dust by a fan-fiction writer with no definable writing talent besides the ability to follow a formula for romance. She’s lept above them in sales by the millions and they hate it. The response from readers has been polarised, but nonetheless telling.

 Responses in the media:
"A nice girl’s nasty book; imagine a low-budget porn film involving a plumber."

"Fifty Shades of Grey deploys every bonkbuster cliché in existence – powerful men, private planes and multiple orgasms." Andrew O’Hagan, London Review of Books.

"As I learned more about the book, dubbed 'Mommy Porn' by the media, my enthusiasm waned somewhat: “OK, so it's based on the ‘Twilight' series! But it's helping women rediscover their sexual desire! Always a good thing! Then, a few days later, I was asked to actually read the book.  
That brought a swift end to my enthusiasm, which was almost immediately replaced by melancholy, bordering on low-grade depression. Seriously, people? Of all the erotica published in the last couple of years, this bizarrely conservative sexcapade is the one anointed by a seven-figure movie deal? " Jessica Reaves, The Chicago Tribune, April 2012.

 Responses from the public: 

There are huge numbers of five star and one star reviews on Amazon. What the book has done, is brought kink and BDSM to a mainstream – and female – audience, opening the door to female sexual exploration, as opposed to the normal male side. What it’s huge success shows us is that women want sexual exploration for themselves, not for the enjoyment of men. The books open the door to that. We hope we lead women onto the next step.
"Because it has allowed women’s sexuality to be brought into the mainstream. It allows for women to be more sexually curious or adventurous and lets them be more sexually expressive.:"
"Women got to read erotica in public and it made talking about sex at the water cooler acceptable at work." 
"Because it made a lot of people feel that their sexual preferences were justified and gave them a chance to discuss these in an open arena whilst hiding behind the premise of discussing the book."

Unintentionally, James has written a trilogy that is breaking down barriers. It is now upon us women to keep them down. I don’t think we can all just walk into work with a ‘Good morning everyone. I bought a riding crop last night,’ but whenever the conversation heads towards female sexual desire you have the success of this trilogy and the rise in sales of handcuffs to back you up. Use it!

Readers did of course have negative opinions towards it. Emma Tofi writes that it is nothing short of glorified physical abuseSome other opinions are quite funny: 
"Far fetched and very unlikely but that’s what romance readers want isn’t it?"
"Not really any different to any other romance genre novel and its clearly trying to be Jane Eyre (and failing.)"
"If someone bought me a new car after the first date I’d assume they were 4 dates away from going psycho."
"[Ana] was pathetic, petulant and self-obsessed. She seemed to keep trying to convince us (and CG) that she was independent when in fact she was a foolish little girl. I imagine they’d be divorced in 10 years as Grey could do better. Ana was too demanding, self-obsessed and insecure." 
"Christian comes across as a sexual predator with unresolved psychological issues, who preys on [an] innocent/easily malleable young woman."

It really doesn’t matter what anyone else says or believes. Dear Aphrodite will be heading to the cinema to watch it with her popcorn and girlfriends and then we'll all go home and make love to our imaginary Christian Grey. In the coming weeks there will be thousands upon thousands of women doing exactly the same thing... that is if you can get a ticket."

In the meantime checkout the filmclip for our favourite song off the 50 Shades of Grey Soundtrack.

An Aphrodisiac Male Escort Client Makes Headlines (for all the right reasons.) 

I balked at the sound of Adam Sandler starring in a film where he reads advertisments for becoming a male escort. It just sounds so trashy. “No, no, you have to see it,” said everyone. Well, I am still yet to see it, but on the basis of the trailer my intrigue is piqued.
It is more Adam Sandler in Punch Drunk Love (Art House, great movie) than Adam Sandler in … everything else. 

With the recent release of the the film 'Men, Women and Children' and it's side tale of male escorting, Australian Women Online spoke to one of our clients about her experiences with one of our Aphrodisiac Male Escort's gentlemen. We thank her from the bottom of our hearts, for what turned out to be a fabulous article (and I’m sure no one but you can recognise who you are.) If Male wasn't our middle name we would be called Aphrodisiac Discretion Escorts. We'll keep your secrets forever.

Check out the article here: Real Life Secret Lives Part 1: Using the Services of an Escort.

And here’s the trailer for Men, Women and Children:

Our trail blazing friends at Passionfruit - The sensuality shop on Bridge rd Richmond have interviewed Anna and Regina for their sensuality podcast.  The shop was opened in 1998 with a mission 'to reinvent the sex shop and enrich our sexual culture with fun, love and passion." 

The basis of their philosophy is to 'uplift, inspire and assure women,' and Dear Aphrodite is happy to add fuel to the blaze. Michelle Temminghoff sheds light on the 50 shades of Grey phenomenon in her Herald sun interview, and our podcast interview with Victoria Cullen is below.

Fifty Shades and some Kink with The Colonel.

Our resident Gentleman Anthony has passed the test and is now studying the craft of kink with Melbourne's own 'The Colonel'. So revered is he in the fetish scene that his first name is allowed to be ‘The.’ The Colonel owns and runs one of the world’s only dedicated fetish clubs called Abode, here in the heart of Melbourne: Their website is currently under construction but check out the Abode facebook page

The Colonel is a fetish entrepreneur, who has worked as a performer and with movie makers for The Matrix 3. He has been honing Anthony’s skills of introducing kink to our clients. Between the intimacy that our gentleman provide and the evergrowing fetish scene, there is a lot of room to ignite your imagination. 

Many women don’t want to go in for the skin-tight latex suits, gas masks, red-raw flogging and Shibari (Japanese rope-tying), but do want to explore their sexuality along the lines that Fifty Shades of Grey has opened up for them. Anthony, and more of our guys in the future, is able to take women through an experience of kink, safe in the knowledge that he is well trained and there for your needs, not his own. 

We want women to feel and be liberated by the experiences they have. Feedback from clients has been great, as has Anthony’s feedback about how much he enjoys his work. If you’re interested in kink but don’t know where to start, Anthony is as good a place as any. 

This month's Blog by Dear Aphrodite has had an enormous contribution (almost all of it) from one of our very own gentlemen... thank you.  We hope you have enjoyed his efforts.

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