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Different strokes for different folks.

Put up the decorations. Blow out the candles. Aphrodisiac Male Escorts has just turned two years old and Dear Aphrodite wants to celebrate by sending you to your own private fantasy island.

The goal is to take out all of the hard work, to honour our differences, and allow you to explore the road maps of your untapped potential. 

Welcome to 'Fantasy Island.' 

Role playing and fantasy sharing can be a an important tool in self discovery. What better way to explore avenues of yourself, that may be considered taboo or socially unacceptable, than to be in a safe environment, with a highly skilled and attractive lover who has all the right credentials?

Over the last twelve months we have noted a few common themes amongst our clients. Here's what we know. Firstly, some of you are very nervous and not sure of what you want. Secondly, thirdly and ...tenthly, some of you know exactly what you want, how you want it and what stroke works best for you, and in what particular order.

What's your favourite stroke?

I'm strokin'

We're not talking freestyle, backstroke or butterfly here. - Well.... unless one of them is a new fantasy that you're considering performing together with another consenting adult. If so, maybe we'll add it to the list.

Inspired by you and for you. Aphrodisiac Male Escorts invites you to our very own Fantasy Island. A list of 14 Fantasy Packages that are designed to please any and every woman, and promises to be a lot of fun.

Dear Aphrodite likes to think of the Fantasy Island list as a cocktail menu. All the drinks contain alcohol and mixers, but that's where similarities end. You can choose your favourite combination, or try something new. Add or remove some ingredients, adjust the flavour, change the volume, shake it up or stir it. Ultimately you are the one who has to drink it. It's your fantasy cocktail, the choice is yours. And you are allowed more than one, maybe you'll want to sample the whole menu.

Judgement and stereotypes stop many woman from fully embracing their own sexuality. In her recent article Bobbie Morgan explains why 'it's time women came out of the boudoir'.  It starts with the people who want to stop women having sex without consequence, then raises awareness of female pleasure, and ends with no less than how female sexual pleasures will make the world a happier place.

Fantasy Island is designed to help you find your pleasure spot. Here's a brief list of all 14 Fantasies, go to the website, click on Services, Rates then Fantasy Island, for more detailed information on each one.

1. Crossing the Line - More than a massage. Most popular fantasy so far. 

2. Sexy Strangers. - Be whoever you want to be

3. 50 Shades of You.  Here's some kinky tips for first timers

4. Fine Dining

5. Bossy Boots - Unleash your inner dominatrix.

6. Tradesman - Mr fix it... 

7. Personal Trainer - You'll beg for more after this workout.

8. Men in uniform- An officer, a public servant or perhaps a gentleman.

9. Ravish Me - take me, anyway you want me...

10. Wild Woman - Purrrfect for the frisky feline.

11. Bathroom Sex – Hot and steamy.

12. Curious Kink - Where little secrets come out to play.

13. Ménage à trios – 20% of all women have had a threesome.

14. Downward Doggy – 'Tantra-lising'... very hot yoga. 

How is it, that while some of these may seem utterly sexy to one woman they can also be entirely unappealing to another?  The simple answer is different strokes for different folks.  

If you are having a hard time deciding which of the 14 Fantasies you might want to get started by taking a deeper look at yourself.  We wear our images like jewellery. Whether you are a 'femme fatale,' or the 'girl next door' we all have potential to be and feel sexy. Fashions change, moods change, feelings change.  

Kevin Macku has written an in depth article on the The five feminine sexual archetypes.  He bases all five archetypes on planets we can see without a telescope. Saturn is the enigma, Venus starts literature and wars. Mercury will sacrifice her love to see her partner happy. Mars is the mighty competitor and Jupiter represents practical women who will steal his clothes and music.  

Regardless of which archetype we are naturally aligned to or currently resonating with, they are incomplete pictures - much like daily star signs will never give the full story, but the right words at the right time can help empower us to take a step in the right direction.  

“What’s his type? Wilting flower? Bright and bubbly? Or smoldering temptress?”
~ Satine, Moulin Rouge!

If balance is what we strive for, we must also understand that with every high comes a low. It is with this in mind that Dear Aphrodite also wants to share the truth about sex positive encounters. After the incredible rush there can be a emptiness that can leave us feeling let-down. If something can propel you forward there will also be resistance - which can in fact be a positive in itself - much like gravity keeps your feet on the ground. Fortunately 'man' has come up with many different ways to reach the outer limits and fly high, wherever we want to.  

London Faerie writes of the importance of taking care of yourself at sex-positive events in Self care in sex-positive spaces.  He discusses key points like comfort zones, boundaries, instinct, authenticity, not being afraid to ask for help and after-care.

The key to aftercare is to acknowledge, anticipate and expect changes to occur. It can be hard to put layers back on when we have enjoyed stripping them all away. Just because we reach the highest peak it doesn't mean the journey is over. The trip down can also be savoured, which leads to future highs being even more enjoyable.

We all have our prime.  Life isn't over just because we begin the march down-hill (or no longer fit into our skinny jeans or favourite dresses.) The comedown can also be filled with joy. 

Mamma Mia featured an Expose Project on 100 real women and how we rarely see the complex parts of ourselves that make us unique and beautiful. Your curves, wrinkles, scars, and wobbly bits are just as sexy as any one of the 100 women who were brave enough to display their assets for the expose. 

This month our featured companion is Marcus. - Register or log into the website to learn more about our gorgeous companion from the Bahamas. With or without a fantasy package, this islander is one gentleman you will love to be stranded all alone with.   

Next month we bring you a one-on-one interview with one of our gentleman, and dish out some advice to single ladies, who aren't interested in whether or not 'he puts a ring on it'. 

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