Saturday, 23 August 2014

This is your fantasy.

The key was under the mat. Just as she'd planned, Blake let himself in. Her instructions were clear. He called out her name and followed her voice to the bathroom. She had never done this before but she didn't want it to feel like the first time. He opened the door and smiled.  He was so unexpectedly exotic she gasped. Suddenly nervous, she had to remind herself to stick to the plan, just as he was doing. As she reached for the conditioner he removed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt.

He sat down on the stool she had left beside the bathtub and gently took the bottle from her hands. He asked her how her day was as he squirted too much conditioner into his palm. Words escaped her she sighed as he applied the conditioner to her hair. He slowly massaged the conditioner deep into her scalp. His hands descended down the back of her neck and across her shoulders. He cupped her chin in his hands, looked her in the eyes and kissed her lips as if they were rose petals. Long after he leaned back the kiss lingered and she longed for more.  He glided his hands down her arms and guided her hands up over her own breasts. She closed her eyes. As though they'd rehearsed the scene a thousand times he slid his hands down to her waist. One hand continued across her stomach and gently over her thigh.

When he reached her knees he used both hands to spread them apart.  He started massaging his way down her inner thighs and when his fingers gently teased her lips apart the real fantasy began. From this point he was free to do as he pleased... to please her. No introductions necessary.

Do you have a fantasy in mind. Does it involve a male escort like our adventurous woman above? Dear Aphrodite has read and heard about a few dating disasters over the years.  Women like Rosie Waterland shared her experience with online dating recently. At 28 years of age she went on her first date. We admire her ability to share her story, but pity her experience. Sadly dating disasters are not easy to forget. The price could have been a less if she had hired someone like Blake, even if it did cost few more dollars.  

Log in or register at Aphrodisiac Me to check out Blake's profile if you want to let him be your fantasy. Have you had a dating disaster you want to share with us? Even if hiring an escort isn't one of her fantasies Dear Aphrodite thinks Rosie might have been better off spending the night on her own. Dear Aphrodite would have preferred to read about the great experience she had with one of her sex toys, than know about her unsatisfying sex, because not having sex would have been more awkward.  (If that is enen possible.)

Check out the range of satisfaction options available at Aphrodisiac ME

Why do we expect so much from ourselves but not nearly as much from the men we meet. If we don't honour ourselves how can we expect to fulfil our fantasies and satisfy our souls? Many of us prefer to be alone than admit we like someone and run the risk of them not liking us back.  How many of you are guilty of assessing your self worth based on whether or not someone you hardly know has responded to your texts, or how they view you and treat you. Why are we so quick to make excuses for potential companions and blame ourselves if it doesn't work out the way we were hoping?

In an article featured on Elephant Journal this month we learn 10 things every woman should know - Dear Aphrodite subscribes to number 5 but number 9 identifies just how often women belittle themselves.  

One of the ways we can combat this problem is presented in a brilliant advertisement by Pantene. The issue of women over apologising has been bought to light. We are in no way sponsored by or promoting Pantene - we just think their ad rocks.

No matter how turned off we are, or become at times, we all crave intimacy.  Dear Aphrodite believes it's the times you insist you don't need it, can't be bothered or aren't at all interested that you probably need it most.

We are masters of contradicting ourselves. Shirley Zussman is 100 years old and is still practicing as a sex therapist. In her recent interview with Time she explained the biggest change she has witnessed in her lengthy career (100 years old and still practicing) is lack of intimacy. People are too busy and not taking the timw to connect with each other.  

In her article Soul fucking Debra Faith Warshaw explores the importance of connecting deeply with another person. Dear Aphrodite knows many of you fantasise about this.  Like tantric sex she explains 
"An interesting thing about this spiritual practice is that it doesn't necessarily have to be with a long-term committed soul mate (although that is a bonus.) We might very well experience it with an enlightened partner that visits us briefly in our life, opens us up in brand new ways and then leaves; another type of soul mate if you will"
The feedback from our intelligent accomplished, discerning clients is that they know their limitations. They embrace hiring an escort as a tool to better themselves. They are not deluding themselves, they go in with eyes wide open. Our gentlemen are facilitators  - whether it's straight sex or nurturing they are experienced in opening up women to new experiences.  

Make no mistakes about it - Sexual energy is the most powerful energy of all, it is quite literally the essence of our being and it is healing. We all know it only works if it is done right. Fortunately there is no one right way of doing it. Not everybody wants a relationship, some people just need a release. Sometimes connecting with another person helps you connect with yourself. It doesn't mean it is meaningless or disconnected it can be the key to a deeper connection with yourself... or an aspect of yourself. Women don't do this light heatedly.

If you want further evidence of the satisfaction of women who have chosen to do what feels right for them check out the 
Testimonials page on Aphrodisiac ME. Dear Aphrodite has too many favourites to choose from but this excerpt strikes a chord on so many levels 
"... I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you and what a pleasure it’s been speaking to you. The service you and Regina have created has helped me in so many ways. I know I don’t have anything else to compare it to but it doesn’t take a genius to realise that your establishment compares to no other..."
In other news this month Anna and Regina were interviewed by Laine Chait on Booty Call airwaves radio. Also check out last months blog Two unlikely madams if you want to see the recent television interviews on both Studio 10 and SBS.

Also, our first monthly newsletter was sent out on June 25th and thankfully it was a huge success. So many of you took the initiative and started to live out your fantasies, we appreciate your support and feedback. If you haven't signed up for the monthly newsletter, send us an email or register directly through the website.  We run competitions, and remind you when the next blog has been posted and inspire you to be your very best.

Dear Aphrodite has decided to skip movie of the month, instead we celebrate "Sex, Women and TV, 21 shows that changed the way we see female desire"  This article takes us on a journey from the modern wonders of 'Orange is the new black' and 'Masters of Sex'  to the unforgettable 'I love Lucy,' 'Golden Girls' and all our favourites in between.

Masters and Johnson gave permission to women to explore their sexuality through touch, masturbation and experimenting. In keeping with the theme that knowledge is power the following video explains 20 misconceptions about sex. 

Next month we are tackling body image... Would you feel better about yourself if you saw more images of real women? We also discuss female archetypes and the power of orgasms. 

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