Monday, 14 August 2017

There’s a First Time for Everything

After scores of lackluster dates, and a ten-year dry spell, this independent Amazon decided to take her love life into her own hands. Or rather, turn herself over to someone else’s… This story caught our eye because it dispels three persistent myths. The first is that a desirable woman is spoiled for perfect sexual offers just because she has a phone full of unrequested dick pics. Second, that will encounter judgment for choosing to pay for the perfect encounter. And most important, the one drilled into all the “good girls” from childhood, that we have to know and be in love with a man to open ourselves up to him sexually. The other hotel guests soon heard differently…

By Jay Tadulmas, Sydney

Every few years I decide to give the ‘dating game’ a go and resort to the newest commercialised, and often humiliating, matchmaking apps. At the end of my experimental periods I am still single, unwittingly the owner of a card deck worth of ‘dick pics,’ and armed with a bucket load of hilarious dating encounters that have my married friends in stitches. 

Much like these morsels:
  * He was half an hour late to our first date because it was the first Sunday he’d had off in three months and he wanted to sleep in. His mum forgot to wake him up. He was in his late 30s. 
  * His mates sat at a table not far from ours for the duration of our first date. 
  * Although he was a web page designer by day, his true passion was designing bondage apparatus in his garage at night. He wanted to strap my breasts into his newest creation (picture two 15cm planks of thick wood with airline grade tie down straps nailed to them). 
  He was a 55-year-old man with braces and an inability to talk about anything except roof construction. So I asked if he had any children. He showed me a photo of his 29 year old son and I went into instant cougar mode. There was obviously attraction but not with the man sitting across from me. 
  * He said he would love to travel with me since we share a similar passion to see the world. He said I didn’t have to be concerned because his wife doesn’t mind. 

Despite years of sporadic attempts at modern internet dating, I always ended up emotionally and sexually dissatisfied – no surprise there. Then a friend introduced me to Aphrodisiac Male Escorts. At first I though….. am I that desperate to pay for sex? Well, the truth was, yes. 

Sexual frustration is a strong motivator and although I love the freedom of my single life, intimacy was severely lacking. I’m a busy professional woman with limited time to meet men and they are not lining up outside my door like it’s a sex delicatessen. 

I then considered the stigma attached to the oldest profession in the world. After badgering myself with moral and ethical questions and fearing judgement, I thought f@%k it and booked an intimate adventure anyway. I was not going to be defined by antiquated societal norms. Besides, I needed to feel desirable without the formalities of a relationship. I had been in a sexual drought for over a decade and I was not going to wait any longer for a ‘tall drink of water’.

My hardest decision was to select the man I would lose my escort virginity to. My only requirement was that he needed to be as tall as, or taller than me. I’m six foot and by no means a frail delicate flower. I’m a strong independent and proud career woman. My male friends often refer to me as their Amazon friend or Princess Warrior – so you get my drift? 

My tryst was to be with Xavier. It was his voice that attracted me first but his description – 6”4 tall, athletic, country gentleman – was in no way discouraging. I WAS nervous making the booking but Regina and Anna were wonderful. I felt immediately at ease discussing my needs with them. I even admitted my greatest fear was that I had forgotten what to do in the bedroom. I may have even asked if they had a user’s manual I could borrow? 

I was in my lavish hotel room ironing my dress for Xavier’s arrival when I received a call from Anna. 

"There’s been a mishap," she said. Nerves had me thinking he’d been in an accident, injured himself or worse yet, broken his penis. Stupid I know but I was freaking out a little. 

"Xavier’s good clothes for your appointment tonight have been damaged as his massage oil bottle leaked throughout his overnight bag. Would you mind if he turns up in the clothes he wore on the plane?" Good. No broken penis. 

"Of course," I replied. "Wonderful, I will let him know," then Anna added, "he should be there soon."

I finished ironing my dress and had just put it on when there was a knock at the door. "Shit," I exclaimed with a whisper. I took a breath and opened the door. Wow! He was gorgeous. Tall, dark hair, piercing eyes and a bronzed body. I could see the muscular definition of his body through his t-shirt and shorts. His attire instantly relaxed me and I was grateful for his massage oil accident. He said "Hi, I’m Xavier." I extended my hand, gave him a firm handshake and invited him into the room like it was a business meeting. WTF am I doing? He smirked but did as instructed. 

He sensed I was nervous but put me at ease instantly with idol conversation, light touches, and his soothing deep voice. He encouraged me to move to the bed for a massage, with my clothes on, allowing time for me to get comfortable with his touch. Then he leaned in to whisper in my ear and I felt his erection on the small of my back. "Shall we remove some of your clothes?"

That was the only encouragement I needed. I removed my dress revealing the expensive lingerie I had purchased for the occasion. I stripped him of his clothes and our lips met. I was on fire with desire, or more accurately lust and I wanted to be ravished by him. Let’s just say... mission accomplished. Apart from a knock on the door from angry hotel neighbours unhappy with the noise emanating from our room, it was the perfect rendezvous. 

My experience was liberating, satisfying and empowering. He was just what I needed at that time in my life. I haven’t kept it a secret either. I told my Mum, sister and a few select friends and you know what? There was no judgement.


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