Monday, 26 June 2017

Saying 'No' can be the Ultimate Act of Self- care.

When you have hired a glorious male escort, how could it be an act of empowerment to then say “no?” For Nicole in Melbourne, our second blog contest winner, the answer was clear. After six years of no sex, and little even in the way of physical touch, she honored the inner voice telling her to slow down. Of course our gentleman was able to unconditionally respect her wishes and boundaries, which ultimately led to the encounter(s) of a lifetime… 


I can’t tell you what finally prompted me to enter ‘Male Escorts Melbourne’ into a Google search late one night, but suffice to say there was wine involved. 

I’m a professional single woman in my early 30’s (*cough* okay, I’m 40) living in inner city Melbourne. In my actual early 30s, I decided after a borderline traumatic experience that I wasn’t going to have sex with a guy again unless I knew him, had spent time with him, and I liked him (i.e. no more one-nighters with assholes). Fast forward 6 years later and no sex. No kissing. No touching. Nothing. Turns out the ‘having standards’ thing was a really bad idea. 

Over the years, I completely gave up, shut down that part of me and never really thought about sex or men. There might have been nice men around, but I wouldn’t have even seen them. I’ve had some bad ideas in my time, (including a cringe worthy incident involving a guy and his fetish for pool toys) however contacting the ladies at Aphrodisiac Male Escorts was certainly one of my better ideas! 

When the big day arrived, I had been waxed, shaved, scrubbed, painted, plucked and moisturised to within an inch of my life. At least I’d feel a little confidence in being well groomed if nothing else! I’d booked a room at a hotel in the city for the occasion. When we made it upstairs, nervous doesn’t begin to describe how I felt. Sitting on the edge of the bed he reached his hand over to gently rub my back and I flinched. Hard. Not like a small one you might not notice, it was practically a jump. I physically recoiled from this beautiful man, simply because I had barely been touched by another human being in over 6 years and I was not at all used to it. 

I relaxed enough after a little while to begin to enjoy the closeness of being in his arms, his warm body pressed against mine. The divine smell of his neck and being held and kissed. That I could enjoy this with a man I’d just met was a minor miracle, though he was very sweet, so that certainly made it easier to feel comfortable. We were kissing on the bed, wrapped in each other’s arms and he started to run his hand up my thigh. I freaked out!! That was way too much for me at that point even though having sex was 100% my intention when I made the booking. I stopped his hand, said no, and we returned to kissing. 

The significance for me in that moment was huge. For the first time ever I refused to do something I wasn’t comfortable doing because I didn’t want to. I have a pretty bad history of engaging in some unpleasant (for me) pleasing activities (for him). The old ‘pre-therapy’ me would have had sex regardless of how I felt because if I please him he might like me, and surely that must mean I’m something good... right? To show myself and my feelings that level of respect finally, was one of the kindest things I’d done for myself up until that point. We were not intimate that evening. Actually I take that back. We did not have sex, but it certainly felt very intimate for me. The next time however… well, that’s between him and I! 

I’ve seen him 6 or 7 times now and for the first time in a long time, I feel so completely alive. Physically, spiritually, in every way possible. I feel completely free of the colossal amount of emotional baggage I’d been dragging around with me for the better part of a decade. I feel open and excited about what is coming next, and about all of the naughty things I now want to try and experience. I also feel incredibly feminine, beautiful and sexy! It’s in no small part to the understanding, patience, acceptance and gorgeous passion this man has shown me. My friends and family have noticed the change in me, so to a select few he is my mysterious Mr X! And I love having my little secret too! To feel strong enough, and safe enough to be extremely vulnerable is incredibly liberating and I’m very thankful. 

Now I’m not suggesting that everyone will have such a transforming experience, but the point is you owe it to yourself to find out what exciting, erotic or deeply passionate encounter could be in store for you! If you’re reading this you are more than likely curious. 

Summon up the courage and give yourself the best gift you’ve ever received. I can promise you one thing – you will discover something about yourself one way or another that you thought you’d lost long ago, or maybe never even realised was in you. And surely that’s an amazing thing!                                                   


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