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Single doesn't have to mean celibate.

There are so many reasons women choose celibacy. For some it is a choice they find empowering and liberating. Others don't have the time to seek meaningful or casual relationships. It's a safe form of preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Some women choose celibacy because they have been hurt, suffered a loss or aren't ready to share their body and emotions. It's fair to say for many celibacy is not a choice, whether she craves sex or intimacy, there is often a lack of suitable partners.

Many of the new clients at Aphrodisiac Male Escorts have been celibate for extended periods of time, not just months, but years or decades. This may come as no surprise. The fact that many of them soon move on to form meaningful relationships is a pleasant phenomena that begs the question.  What makes a sexually active woman more attractive?

Dear Aphrodite thinks it might have something to do with the smile she can't wipe off her face.  It also has a lot do with endorphins and hormones.  Oestrogen is a hormone that makes our skin soft and our hair shiny, levels double when a woman has sex.

Oestrogen protects the heart and reduces the risk of Alzheimer's and Osteoporosis. Endorphins reduce pain and stress, and improve sleep and menstrual cycles. Then there are the 10 health benefits of having an orgasm described in this article at Flo Living.

It's not just about the way a woman looks, healthy is sexy. Having sex improves our senses, we hear better and smell better, it increases brain activity, which makes us smarter too.

Our confidence and self esteem are boosted.  Subtle energy shifts help us move better, dress better. This, of course, also depends on the quality of the sex.  Anything less than having our desires met, is at best frustrating. Sometimes it's not even about having sex but owning our sexuality, our femininity.

Getting your horny back.

When was the last time you had good sex, any sex?  Dr Shannon Chavez, integrates both physical and psychological methods to help women become sexually empowered. Her recent article answers the question I feel no desire or arousal what can I do to get my horniness back?  She tells us 'not to wait for desire to magically appear. Watching a movie, reading erotica or listening to sexy music... can lead to sex.' Aphrodisiac Me's tumblr page is full of arousing images.


Raunchy or relaxed, slow is a good place to start. A romantic dinner, a dance class or drinks to begin. Perhaps a long kiss, tantra massage and an in depth Yoni massage will get the mood going. A favourite fantasy, or just some much needed training.  If you want it and you haven't got it, where can you go to get it - for the first time, regularly or every time?

Dear Aphrodite would like to introduce our featured companion for the month, André. He knows how to slow down. A trained and absolute master.  He holds the keys to the secret desires of many women. Log into the Aphrodisiac ME  page, and click on the companions tab to hear his audio tape. Read about his abilities to free a woman's inhibitions, clear her mind and tap into her unique sexual expression.

This month André is featured in an article by ManTalk magazine. In the article The business of pleasure he discusses everything from being an escort, the facts and the myths, experiences with his clients as well as what it means to be a Sex Surrogate. He is eloquent, intelligent and it is obvious that he knows more about the anatomy of women, inside and out, than most women know themselves.

Dear Aphrodite's movie of the month is a TED talk that made us cry, laugh and rejoice. Sheila Kelley explains the importance, and beauty, of unleashing feminine sexuality. Let's get naked - goes for 21 minutes, but you'll want to watch it again. Share it if it touches you.  It's not for everybody. Some people are asexual.  If you are woman that feels like you are missing out on something this video is for you.

We are far more complicated than men are sexually, the focus isn't just the genitals. Focusing on any one area can bring enormous pleasure. The average couple spends 15 minutes having sex but it can take a women 45 minutes just to get turned on.

Even if it's one night only, when you connect with someone else, new possibilities open up. A simple gesture or eye contact can open your heart. Physical touch - can open your entire being. Aphrodisiac ME takes care of the details, whether it's social or intimate you can just enjoy yourself. While it may not be good for repeat business, helping women open up to love again, or just healing part of their past pain is worth it.  If it can work for one it can work for many.

People have pre-conceived ideas about what the sex industry is all about. Dear Aphrodite is part of a worldwide movement to turn the focus back to honouring women.  Whether she is in gumboots or stilettos she defines womanhood.

There is a broad range of women who have used the services of Aphrodisiac Male Escorts. They differ in age, shape, backgrounds, marital status and professions but they all had to make that first phone call or email enquiry.  Each enquiry is treated individually in a non-committal, non judgemental and guaranteed private environment.

Dear Aphrodite's quote of the month is by Alan Moore (25,000 years of erotic freedom.)

Are you ready to be progressive? Do you want to meet André or one of the other companions? Zac and Raul are based in Sydney, you can check out their profiles on the website too. No matter where you are, our companions are prepared to travel, Australia wide and abroad. 

If you are tempted but not sure it's the right time for you, it's possible to meet a companion without any obligation to follow through with an appointment. First Impressions offer women an opportunity to meet up and decide if they like what they see. If after 10 minutes you change your mind he will leave, if you like what you see, you decide what comes next.

It's time to get your sexy back,turn on that part of feminine energy that so easily gets turned off. Every woman, at any age can be in touch with her primal energies, not just the youthful fashionistas plastered all over our media. In Brianna Weist's post, confidence tops the list of 14 of the most powerfully hot qualities people can have. Are you feeling confident?

Next month Dear Aphrodite discusses why it's so hard for women to talk about sex, and explore if this has anything to do with the 'Matilda vs Matthew effect.' Why do women bring each other down, instead of respecting each other's paths and honouring each others individuality?  Dear Aphrodite has taken the grown woman's oath. Will you?  

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